• Picturing a Modern Woman: Jackie Go x AVA

    Jackie Go is a portrait of a modern Filipino woman – a jack of all trades juggling her time being a mom of two, a businesswoman, a model, and an influential blogger.
  • For The 'Best Mom In The World'

    Mother's Day is the day we give back to the moms in our lives. They come in all shapes and sizes, and from different walks of life.
  • 14 Legit Travel (and Life) Tips from 26-Year-Old World Traveler Angely Dub

    If there is one person to ask anything about traveling, it's Angely Dub.This young founder of Access Travel & Tours breathes a carefree spirit that you would have to tie her into a chair to prevent her from flying if you want to talk with her and learn from her wisdom - that's what we did and, good thing, she obliged.
  • An Upward Journey: Alex Suarez Talks Enhancing Life In The Philippines With Technology

    The tech industry in the Philippines is a very lucrative one and Alex Suarez couldn’t agree more. With its growth only headed upwards, tech has been changing people’s lives to solve real life problems from getting to work on time, delivering food at your doorstep, shopping for the holidays, and transferring money to a loved one.

Vanessa Matsunaga x AVA

Embrace femininity and style with Vanessa Matsunaga's first collection with AVA!   Dressy accents, chic cuts and refreshingly adorable colors add festive glam to these fun pieces. Wear them at the mall, at a dinner party, or even out clubbing, and these showstopper outfits will own any scene.

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