Feb 09, 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Every woman wears a crown, but not everyone knows how to take care of it. A woman’s hair is a precious crown that says a lot about her style and personality.

Hairstyles represent women in different looks. Stylists say that long-haired women are emotional, while curly haired ones are open-minded, loving, and friendly. Girls with long, lustrous, and thick hair have strong will, and they’re also seen as creative and emotional. Moreover, medium-haired women are logical and witty.

Valentine’s Day Hairdos

Since the Day of Hearts is nearly here, it’s nice to give your hair a makeover without seeking help from a hairdresser. Know which of the following hairdos fits you best as you style it with AVA’s Valentine’s Lookbook (read more on How to Dress Like Anne Curtis on Valentine’s Day).

Chic Updos

Updos are so stylish; they’re ideal for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Women with long and medium hair can pull off the Romantic and Fishtail updo in elegant long dresses (see the Vania Romoff x AVA collection), or elongated skirts (see the Vania Romoff x AVA collection) and button-up ensembles (see the ADELINE by AVA collection).  

Romantic Updo
Do your hair in just 5 minutes with the romantic updo.

Watch the tutorial here:

Fishtail Updo
Partner your elegant and basic wardrobe with the intrinsic detail of a fishtail updo.

Watch the tutorial here:

Double Rope Braid Bun
Give your hair an adorable and fashionable twist with the simple and easy double rope braid bun.

Watch the tutorial here:

Lovely Braids

Before they became a trend, braids were a significant representation to African tribes. In today’s modern age, braids are being mixed with curls, half up, or faux knotshairstyles that give intrinsic details to any look. You can create this look while wearing off-baring pieces (see the ROSENTHAL TEE x AVA, Jackie Go x AVA, and CRISP collections), sophisticated yet daring dresses (see the FACILE, CRISP, and DARIA collection).

Half-Up Braid
Opt for an easy and lovely hairstyle as you try the half-up braid on Valentine’s Day.

Watch the tutorial here:

Side Braid
Settle with subtlety as you do the side braid in this loose and flowy trend.

Watch the tutorial here:

Faux Knot Braid
Give your head an intricate hairstyle with the faux knot braid. It’s the ideal look when channeling off-baring pieces such as scoop back or backless outfits.

Watch the tutorial here:

French Braid Crown
Look fine and gorgeous with the french braid crown. It’s the perfect accessory for a chic getup on Valentine’s Day.

Watch the tutorial here:

Classic Hairstyles

Nothing beats a classic hairdo. They’re the most elegant hairstyles to wear on a romantic day. You can be in casual  (see the Vanessa Matsunaga x AVA collection) or semi-formal (see the DARIA collection) looks with these classic hairdos.

Loose Styled Hair with a Central Parting
The loose styled with a central parting hairstyle fits women with medium and long hair. 

Loose styled hair with a central parting 

Ponytail with a Hair Wrap
The basic hairdo that will never go out of style is the ponytail, the most classic hairstyle of all time. Jazz it up a little with a hair wrap!

Watch the tutorial here:

Curly High Ponytail with a Hair Wrap
Wear the curly high ponytail with a hair wrap for an effortless yet trendy look that always looks preppy and glam.

Watch the tutorial here:

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day is exciting, and dressing up and getting your hair done is one of the best parts. Look like a sweetheart even if it involves a bit of overdressing for the occasion. Capture many hearts with the right hairdo in AVA’s Valentine’s Day Lookbook.