14 Legit Travel (and Life) Tips from 26-Year-Old World Traveler Angely Dub

14 Legit Travel (and Life) Tips from 26-Year-Old World Traveler Angely Dub
If there is one person to ask anything about traveling, it's Angely Dub.

This young founder of Access Travel & Tours breathes a carefree spirit that you would have to tie her into a chair to prevent her from flying if you want to talk with her and learn from her wisdom - that's what we did and, good thing, she obliged.

What are some misconceptions about traveling?
There are bloggers who are promoting the wrong way of traveling.

You can't travel wearing heels. No one can do that; they're promoting wrong things. The one who suffers the most is the generation who follows them - the younger generation, because they will do the same. They are asking their followers to be like "us" since they are influencers; they are very powerful, but they're using it the wrong way. 

No one wants to travel the way we used to before. People are not visiting the museums anymore.

Get a tour guide. (No one gets a) tour guide - but that's the right person to ask to know a country's economy. From the tour guide, you can ask, "How is your everyday life? How are the Bhutanese people? What do you usually eat?"

Buy local. The people here in the Philippines, (they only drink) Starbucks instead of supporting the local (products). Like in Australia, they have a lot of local coffee shops - why don't you try those?

You don't travel for the photos. You travel because you get lessons from there. Sadly, most of us have been consumed by this colonial-mentality mindset.

What makes you feel empowered and what's your definition of womanhood?

Never allow yourself to be treated like shit by anyone. It's how you handle it. It's how the way you carry yourself. You don't need to be pretty to be confident. You can never ever fake passion. Women nowadays lack confidence because they are focused on developing their image rather than their personality. Women get treated like shit because they allow it. When men act like fools, women tend to forgive. Where's their self respect?

Always love yourself first. That's what's missing: self respect. They allow men to use them. If you don't want to have sex with him, tell him.

In my every day life, I don't wear makeup 'cause I don't care. I'm reading this book called, "Why Men Love Bitches". I believe the world needs more women.

Your advice to women who want to travel?

Don't drop everything. If you want to travel, get a stable job - then you can do everything.

Protect yourself. Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. Hide your skin especially when you're alone. When I'm traveling, you will never see me wearing anything sexy. 

Never ever over pack.
Women nowadays are concerned to look beautiful while traveling. Boots, fur coats, trench coat! But when you get there, the locals will just stare at you and say, "What's wrong with this girl?"

Act like a local. Don't act like a tourist and attract attention towards you. Even snatchers won't notice you if you're very simple. They won't think that you're a tourist.

Don't trust blogs. Always trust the locals. Everyone has a different opinion about different situations. I don't trust Google anymore; even Wikipedia is wrong. Internet is not reliable anymore because there are too many sources; it's not filtered.

Learn something from every country. New York is busy, Madrid is busy - but they are two different cities and you can never compare one city from another. 

What's the most valuable lesson that you learned from traveling?

Be genuine. I'm very old-fashioned in everything. Everyone is so consumed of being fake, I just want to be genuine. You don't need big things to be happy. 

Traveling is not about social media - which is ironic because that's my business. When I went to Nepal without a good signal for seven days, I think those are the best days of my life. There was a time that I deactivated Facebook and Instagram for three days, it felt so good!

Experience everything
. You will learn your best lessons if you talk to people. This is the time that everyone is selfish. I just wanna get out and experience everything. 

If you bump into this girl, feel free to approach and let her know that she's doing
something wonderful for the world. Just ready yourself for a heck of a hangout!

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