4 Ideal Mother's Day Gifts for the Greatest Moms of All Times

4 Ideal Mother's Day Gifts for the Greatest Moms of All Times

by Gretzel H. Lantican


We wouldn’t be the charming ladies we are today if it weren’t for our mothers. Our moms have given us the wisest advice, from financial savviness to general life hacks to even dealing with heartbreak. Some of these advice turned into lessons that will remain with us forever.

All of us are fortunate to have a mother who guides us as we grow. On her special day, it’s time to give back the wisdom she imparted. Share with her the knowledge of the latest fashion, so she would feel younger and more confident with her age. Besides, she deserves to be glamorous even on her busiest days.

Modern Mommas

With Alchemista

When your mother dresses like a madam, let her do it in style but with Alchemista. The brand’s adored earrings are crafted from real gemstones and inlaid in sterling silver or real gold. These high-quality and versatile materials perfectly match your mom’s classic look.

With the elegant designs of Alchemista earrings from the round rubies single hook to the round and oval amethyst separates, your mother’s complex look will be even more stylish. The jewelry suits her because it’s got the right combination of beauty and practicality that your mother has.

With Knomo and Tangle Teezer

If your loving parent is a career woman and wanderer at the same time, give her the beauty and convenience of a Knomo bag. This accessory is for travelers who seek style and versatility while on a journey.

With Knomo as her modern everyday bag, your mother won’t have to compromise comfort for fashion anymore. Since the brand perfected its look for pleasant travel, it becomes the ideal bag for every on-the-go woman.

For her voyage, don’t forget to give your adventure-loving mom the tangle teezer brush. This comb fits her ever-changing lifestyle, because it’s compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for her to detangle her (wet or dry) hair during travel.

With Laia

When you and your mother have the same lifestyle that includes socializing, the Laia is great for both of you. Since the two of you love to mingle and make friends with people, express this side of you with the artisan pieces of Laia.

Laia accessories are passionately handcrafted from semi-precious stones and sustainable materials. As these pieces are so colorful and unique, they easily attract people’s attention. Plus, they would suit both your and your mother’s sophisticated style.

We Love You!

This May, we pay tribute to our ever compassionate, nurturing, patient, understanding, and selfless moms. They deserve to be pampered and beautified from all the sacrifices and efforts they’ve done to us.

It doesn’t matter if your present is simple or fancy, because it’s always the thought that counts. Give her something she’d treasure the same as you value her love and dedication to you as a daughter.