4 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

4 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

by Gretzel Lantican


It’s not every day that we get to honor our mother’s selfless efforts and priceless contributions. As the most important woman in our lives, she deserves to be recognized, loved, and served. That’s why this Mother’s Day, she deserves all the affection and praise in the world.

If you are looking for fun but meaningful ways to celebrate her special day, here are some ideas to make it memorable:


1) Be in charge for the day.

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Our moms work 24/7. They do laundry, clean the house, take care of the kids while attending business meetings and events at the same time. Now, it’s time to give her a well-deserved break. Let her take the load off by doing her responsibilities and serving her on this special day.


2) Surprise her with breakfast in bed.

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Prepare a Mother’s Day breakfast. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, for even the simplest recipes cooked with love are the best meals you can possibly serve. Make a classic breakfast of pancakes, fluffy eggs, french toast, and crispy bacon! Add flowers and letters on the side for an extra touch of love.

3) Spend a day together.

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Set your plans aside and treat her as a queen for the day. Spend some quality time outdoors, strutting with a classic pair of Cocorose on the sunny pavements. These ballet flats will let you and your mother stroll around comfortably throughout the day.

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4) Treat her to something luxurious.

Give her a gift she deserves. Get her the most precious pieces of jewelry Koket and Laia through AVA, because she’s worth every penny.

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You can call her Mom, Mother, Mummy, Motha, or Momma, but she will always protect, love, and care for you the same way. So this Mother’s Day, spoil her a little, make her feel special, and give her the most beautiful things from AVA.Ph.