4 Stunning Swimsuits to Wear for A Trip to the Beach

4 Stunning Swimsuits to Wear for A Trip to the Beach

by Gretzel H. Lantican

Fearless women love the idea of enjoying summer by the beach, because it’s the time to flaunt their alluring bikinis along the warm sands of places like Boracay. Swimsuits are their fashionable piece, and their best-loved choice to look chic before diving into the water.

Trends through the Years

Fashion swimwear evolves the same way trends do. They come and go, but they’re always in style during the season.

Back in the 18th century, swimwear were called fashionable seaside walking dresses. Today, swim garbs are more fashion-forward. They’re created in daring styles but with added sophistication for women of this generation, and for every lady’s summer OOTD on Instagram.

Modern Swimwears

Looking good under the sun never hurt anybody, at least not once you have proper UV protection. Just be confident in a desirable swimsuit to enjoy your next summer getaway.


The beach is a good place to show what your mama gave you especially when you’re in a one-piece bathing suit. It flatters your body the right way whether you’re a conventional or ‘hubadera’ kind of girl.

Daring women could choose among scoop back, deep V, side boob, halter, or cut out styles of one-piece swimwear, while demure ones could try a full coverage bathing suit if they aren’t ready to take the risky side.

Oh Linda - Natalia One-Piece (left) Neon Island - Amalfi Halter One-Piece (right) 


Bathing suits were ideally created to cover a woman’s body under water. However, some of their styles are so revealing even your mother wouldn’t allow you to wear them.

If you’re daring enough to wear a bandeau, crop top, high cut, or lace-up bikini, then go for it. Just make sure it would define your figure, make you comfortable, and give you confidence as you flaunt it in public.

Eika - Leafy Crisscross Bikini (left) Oh Linda - Amanda Two Piece (right)

High Waist Bottom

However, not all swimwear greatly shows a woman’s figure. A swimsuit should be fitting to every woman wearing it, because it’s made of nylon and spandex. However, a high waisted bikini differs, because it only suits a pear-shaped figure. It’s for those legs, hips, and mid-section of yours.  

Miranda High Waisted

Tie Side Bottom

Sometimes you take the ‘Cheat Day’ for granted. If you’ve forgotten your beach trip next weekend, it’s alright. You don’t have to hasten yourself on losing weight. You can still wear a bikini as you peg for a fab and sexy trend.

All you need is a tie side bathing suit. Its bottom has adjustments on both sides to suit your waistline. Now, you don’t have to buy a new one to fit your (current) size.

Conservative or Daring

Beach lovers can’t beat the heat without getting to the beach. Some of them wear the comfiest swimwear, while others dare to bare - but the most important thing is wearing confidence all throughout the summertime madness.