5 Fashion Trends of 2017 and What We Learned from Them

5 Fashion Trends of 2017 and What We Learned from Them
by Gretzel H. Lantican


Nothing is permanent in this world, and even fashion changes every now and then. Just like history repeating itself, trends keep recurring depending on what’s in for today.

A lot has happened in the fashion industry in 2017. Many ladies are still digging the chic and sophisticated look, while some are into a more laid back get-up. Other women tend to go beyond the norm by trying a mix and match outfit everyday.

Top fashion trends of 2017

Shoulder-baring pieces

Since we live in a tropical country, we ladies tend to wear clothes that will not just make us look pretty but also feel carefree. We like it minimal yet comfortable. In that sense we are describing shoulder-baring pieces, which were the height of the classic trend since the mid 1800s.

Off-shoulder pieces have great variety and come in a range of styles, from tops to playsuits. They look good in either basic designs or sophisticated patterns to suit a woman’s casual day, work outfit, or sexy look.

In fact, the versatile look has gotten so popular that the following famous celebrities are styling their wardrobe with shoulder-baring pieces:

  1. In her most casual days, Ellise Joson effortlessly rocks the shoulder-baring piece in florals, perfecting the boho look. If you opt to steal her off-shoulder style in boho, try looking at Caula’s line, and you won’t regret it.  
  2. Jodi Sta. Maria is also fond of shoulder-baring pieces, especially when she played as Amor Powers in the hit drama series ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’. She needed to look authoritative for the role, so she dressed in a formal yet elegant off-shoulder cocktail dress. You can choose among the finest boss lady dresses on Daria Clothing Co.
  3. Independent fashion artists like Kim Jones and Gyle are also so fond of off-shoulder pieces that they created lines out of it. Kim's collection is all about showing off women’s sexy clavicles for a change, while Gyle's designs are meant for sophisticated women. 


Even in 2017, a pair of culottes is a top trend for women, and we saw them best worn by international celebrities like Lorde and Kylie Jenner. 2017 was also the year we realized that having a pair is essential thanks to its laidback style that can be worn whether in a casual or semi-formal occasion.

In the local scene, our ‘Queen of Cool’ Kim Jones is always seen wearing a pair of basic culottes, which she usually partners with a plain top. If you desire to steal her style, then look for the collections of Eunice Sason and Rosenthal Tee x AVA. You can see the basic to denim pair of culottes on their lines.  

Meanwhile, our ‘Ultimate Fashionista’ Liz Uy loves to match her pair of culottes with a cropped top and playful ensembles. Pair your culottes with perky styles and sophisticated designs that can be found on Cloth & Co.  


The laid-back look has become a trend this year, because you can look edgy even on your lazy days. Just match your ensemble with white sneakers and bomber jackets and you’re sure to nail the athleisure look.

Who says an IT girl can’t have her lazy days? Take it from our socialite, Anne Curtis, who commonly wears a huge jacket and skirt paired with white sneakers. Her get-up is very similar to outfits found in Arin’s collection, a bomber-styled jacket and skirt perfectly partnered with a pair of white kicks.


Just when you thought laid-back looks couldn’t get any better, now there are tracksuits. Tracksuits are another style that became a trend inspired by supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. Just like athleisure, its look is super cozy, yet it’s much easier to wear than the former style.

Ripped Jeans

Anne and not to mention another IT girl Solenn Heussaff have an eye for ripped jeans. Let’s admit it, they’re our favorite kind of girls this time of the year. Their IG posts are our daily inspiration for OOTDs. For sure, you’ve seen one of their posts where they’re both digging a pair of boyfriend jeans, their usual cozy look.

Other celebrities like Erich Gonzales, Julia Barretto and Sofia Andres are also into ripped jeans, and they like to partner them with sophisticated tops and heels.

From a pair of culottes to athleisure ensembles, you can see how our trends have evolved and refashioned this year. We realized that 2017 is about wearing something comfortable, but in style. Joining the bandwagon is second to creating your own trend, because at the end of the day, it’s always about the comfort of wearing your own clothes while looking fab in them.


Photo credits: Instagram and Google