5 Reasons to Celebrate being a Woman

5 Reasons to Celebrate being a Woman

by Gretzel Lantican


Women are beautiful, strong, and independent. Even beyond historical achievements, they are worth celebrating just in their everyday lives. They’re truly remarkable, capable of reaching their dreams.

Every lady who walks in confidence puts her best foot forward and celebrates herself as a woman. To be called as one is a reason to be grateful.

Being a Woman...

… you get fancy shoes that are crafted to perfection to protect your toes and suit your active lifestyle.

A dazzle of black sequined


… you walk in style and brighten everyone’s day.

The double-layered skirt


… you dress based on your mood and put your personality into your wardrobe for added flair.

Streetwear corduroy in off-white


… you’re destined to be glamorous despite your pitfalls.

Pair of oval flat earrings with double sided cut Amethyst


… you carry femininity and power around you.

Cape dress with side bow in rose pink


Cherish being a woman because, first off, it has perkswe women make everything around us beautiful. Secondly, there are pretty things in life to shop for and they’re exclusively available on AVA.ph!