5 Things You Can Do to Survive Metro Manila’s Daily Traffic

5 Things You Can Do to Survive Metro Manila’s Daily Traffic
by Gretzel Lantican 

“Metro Manila has the worst traffic on earth!”, the 2015 Global Driver Satisfaction Index conducted by Waze indicates.

Volleyball sweetheart Dennise “Denden” Lazaro and many netizens couldn’t agree more. They see that most road problems stem from careless driving of jeepney and tricycle drivers. Recently, our maven hit Twitter to express her disappointment towards these traffic violators. “Jeepney drivers always counterflow, beat the red light, and stop in the middle of the road,” she wrote.

As of now, the MMDA is taking no legal actions regarding the situation while the government does little effort to solve the issue. This stressful situation requires something that will get our mind off the unpleasantness of being stuck in traffic.

See below the list of things you can do to prevent a stressful ride:

1. Listen to good music.

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There’s nothing more comforting than listening to your ultimate playlist, even on a tiring commute. It sets your mood right during the entire travel. Plus, it lessens the level of stress you’re currently feeling.


2. Read the news.

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Make reading a habit when you’re bored. It keeps you up-to-date and educates you in fields like the economy, politics, and sports. Just make sure you’re not reading on your phone while driving!


3. Watch a movie or video.

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Another amusing way to maximize your time is by watching a series. Whether it’s on Netflix or by your favorite YouTube blogger, you can finish an episode before your take off.


4. Send memes.

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Since memes are socially relevant, you can take your frustrations out through them. Send memes to your friends or better yet, create a meme out of the traffic situation. Instead of spreading negative energy, send good vibes with memes.


5. Dress comfortably.

Finally, you can survive rush hour with comfortable clothes. Effortless and breathable silhouettes will make you move easily in public. Just like Denden, who wears commuter-friendly outfits to ease the disappointment she experienced with traffic.

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The traffic situation in Metro Manila has worsened. Commuters like our favorite volleyball player Denden Lazaro can attest to that. There are many ways to beat the heavy traffic, but for our maven, it includes wearing soft and stretchy fabrics that fit her active lifestyle.

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