6 Things inside Every Modern Woman’s Purse

6 Things inside Every Modern Woman’s Purse

by Gretzel H. Lantican



In the rule of fashion, the art of being a modern lady requires one to carry a trendsetting bag. There’s no particular brand to have, but a purse must be like her daily journal, holding important things.

For a busy woman in town, the favored accessory serves as her loyal company from place to place. It’s her best friend next to diamonds and pearls, since it complements and accentuates any outfit.

6 Bag Essentials

What’s inside a modern woman’s bag is a mystery. You’d never really guess it until you see it, yet one thing’s for sure: when an emergency happens, you’ve got no worries, for she’s got all the essentials she needs inside her purse.

Zippered Pouches

As a career woman, sometimes you may forget to organize your bag because you’re too busy beating deadlines in the busy streets of town. Set this trouble aside with Knomo’s zippered pouches, where your personal belongings, makeup, bathroom essentials, and medical kit can easily be stored. Their compact and intricate designs manage your daily essentials perfectly.

Knomo’s zippered pouches comes in two different sizes to help arrange your daily essentials, because they won’t carry everything. Keep in mind that your medical kit must include safety pins, band-aids, and alcohol, while your bathroom kit must include a small bottle of perfume, blotting papers, spare napkins, and wet and dry tissues. Finally, don’t forget to include a blush-on, foundation, lip balm, and lipstick in your beauty kit or makeup bag.

Gadget Pouches

When your work requires a lot of travel, you need a decent pouch where your powerbank and smartphones can easily be found. You need a fitting accessory from Huevo’s wire pouches, where your cables would be in place, or a compact and versatile pouch from Knomo’s charging purse.

Hair Brush

Tangles are the worst especially when they appear after your daily commute. Get over them  and have a happy day with a Tangle Teezer brush in your purse. The stylish and sturdy comb prevents you from experiencing bad hair days ever again.

Coin Purse/Wallet

Getting your paper bills and coins mixed up inside your wallet is annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry. Never experience that again with Minimal Manila’s coin purse. It’s a sleek and functional purse perfect for a commuter like you.

Card Sleeve

Some bags are designed with pockets, so you could place your cards inside, but there’s a more secure way holding your cars. Protect and gain easy access to your personal and business cards with Rocca’s card sleeve.


A carry-on doesn’t need to be designer, but it should at least be worth investing in, especially if you use it as an everyday accessory in Manila’s hustle and bustle mode of living.

Partner your busy lifestyle with Pelle’ premium leather bags. It fits your career so well; the brand’s affordable and quality handbag keeps your daily belongings in an organized and safe manner.

As a Modern Woman

There’s no hassle in being a modern woman. You’ve got a dynamic lifestyle that requires you to get a decent organizer and a good purse for your daily essentials. Keeping your busy sched in mind is as significant as what must be kept inside your carry-on. Better put your daily essentials ready, so you’d go and leave work with ease at all times.