7 Inspiring Women to Follow on Instagram

7 Inspiring Women to Follow on Instagram

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Today’s a special day for women around the world. Each of them is called the ‘Woman of the Hour’ mainly for giving a huge impact to society. Every country’s strong and independent heroine deserves nothing but recognition for doing an incredible role and giving significant contribution to the nation.

Women Who Changed the World

For instance, Filipinas in likes of Karen Davila to Lea Salonga brought pride to the country. They are such inspirations who deserve to be on your daily Instagram feed. Follow them today and be moved with their written chapter in the Philippine History.

Karen Davila (@iamkarendavila)

Everyone knows how intellectual, principled, and thought provoking journalist, Karen Davila is when presenting stories. Her excellence in the field made her work with the world’s leading organizations like ASEAN and World Economic Forum.

The award-winning journalist stayed loyal and humble despite being internationally recognized by UNICEF and CNN. Her success portrays how women can make it to the top by being clever, noble, and inspiring in her own way.

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz (@reesefernandez)

In a different approach, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz also brings pride to the country. Since 2007, her love for indigenous fabrics and organic materials has encouraged marginalized women of Rags2Riches to weave eco-ethical home accessories and fashion clothing.

Rags2Riches has been recognized by Forbes, a well-known popular global company focusing on business, entrepreneurship, investment, leadership, lifestyle, and technology.

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz’ passion for handicraft production has aided people living in poor communities. It has also promoted upcycled materials to better the environment.

Aisa Mijeno (@aisamijeno)

Adding to the list of inspiring women is Aisa Mijeno. After quitting the IT industry, she pursued her dream of becoming an NGO volunteer.

Helping others is her forte, which led to the creation of SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting). Her startup company became the talk of town for inventing sustainable salt lamp meant for the homes of marginalized society.

Aisa Mijeno inspires women to dream big for they can do everything in passion. However, they should always put their best foot forward. That’s when success will happen.

Natasha Bautista (@natashabautista)

The heavy traffic in metro inspired Model Natasaha Bautista to create GrabTaxi, a successful app created for daily commuters of the metro. Many people of the corporate depend on it, because it gives convenience to their everyday lifestyle.

Her enormous contribution to Philippine transportation is such an encouragement for women to think outside the box, because they can do more.

Lea Salonga (@msleasalonga)

The undeniably talented and multi-awarded Miss Saigon, Lea Salonga is among the country’s inspiring women. She’s been singing since 7 years old, and still continues to influence musicians of today.

The Tony award winner shows that hard work and dedication is important to reach your dream, because it would outshine everything in between.

Sofia Zobel Elizarde (@sofiazelizalde)

A masterpiece is born in the name of Sofia Zobel Elizalde. Since she knows her way in the field of dancing and arts, she unceasingly uplifts aspiring dancers and teaches art enthusiasts.

No one does training better than her whether a young talent’s an aspiring dancer or artist. He/she should always believe that practice makes perfect to become the professional Sofia Zobel Elizarde.

Vania Romoff (@vaniaromoff)

Every ‘Woman of the Hour’ has her own talent just as fashion designer Vania Romoff does. Her collection from bridal to professional wardrobe reveals how women love to dress beautiful and radiant everyday.

Her notable works have captured the hearts of numerous celebrities including the famous style icon and fashion designer Kim Jones.

Vania Romoff’s unbelievable career is truly an inspiration to all mothers, showing how a mom could be a full time parent while still doing what she loves best.

Who Run the World?

Filipina women are always on top of the game may it be in technology, health, art, and fashion. From Vania Romoff to Lea Salonga, women are undoubtedly inspirations to all ages. Their contribution deserves to be recognized by people.

As a citizen of the country, now’s the perfect time to follow their steps. Take a glimpse of their daily life on Instagram, and be inspired by it.

You’re a woman with vision. All you need is humility and dedication throughout your journey. From it, you deserve  to be celebrated and appreciated (even if it isn’t International Women’s Day)every single day.


Photo credit: Asia Tatler & Tech in Asia