7 Types of Sleeves That You Should Know Now

7 Types of Sleeves That You Should Know Now

by Gretzel Lantican

Sleeves are the pieces of clothing that cover some portion of your arm. Sometimes they vary in styles for they can be long or short, plain or intricate.

As the sewing tutorial site Sew Guide says, “Sleeves are the first thing that you see when you wear a garment”. These embellishments play an integral role in fashion. Much like any trend, they come and go.

Types of Sleeves

Today, the biggest trend resembles to the wing of a bat, the batwing sleeves. This type of sleeve displays an easy and carefree look that upgrades any woman’s work wardrobe.

Daria - Khaleesi 

The fabrics around the edge of a sleeve are known as the ruffled sleeves, and they create a sweet kind of flair that's suitable for any working woman. 

Shop Chelsea - Jesusa

T-shirts are commonly worn for lazy Sundays and out-of-towns as they have round sleeves that make every wanderer feel comfortable.

Inabel - Navy Shirt

Victorian style, puffed sleeves are one of the millennial trends nowadays. They adorn round shoulders, making a woman feel confident in her every move.

Tricia Gosingtian x AVA - Sakura Top

As they flow down to the elbows, bell sleeves make an effortless statement. Be it in a basic or intricate dress, they work effortlessly on any day.

Facile - Button Down Swing Dress 

A long-sleeved top creates a dramatic silhouette for sophisticated women. It’s ideally paired with a skirt or trousers for formal nights and social gatherings.

Patty Ang x AVA - Jessica Top

Sleeveless clothes are usually worn in summer because of the brisky feeling they give under the tropical weather.

Patricia Syquiatco - Gab Dress

Sleeves make the best out of a simple outfit. They adorn every look with their different styles: round, puffed, bell, ruffled, long, sleeveless, and batwing.

For a modern woman who always want to refine her style, you need to know your sleeves. See which fits your dynamic style and silhouette best.