A Guide to Feng Shui in AVA’s Home and Design

A Guide to Feng Shui in AVA’s Home and Design
by Gretzel H. Lantican


Common questions like “What’s good in Feng Shui?” and “Is Feng Shui really necessary?” are often asked, yet always given complex answers.

Feng Shui is about the balance of two energies, wind and water. These elements are known as good Feng Shui that represents fortune. Since good Feng Shui attracts positive energy, this kind of balance is commonly wanted at home. People believe that achieving balance in their homes can ensure them good health and good fortune throughout the Year of the Dog.

Well, there’s no harm in believing. However, you should know the Feng Shui guidelines before you opt to try it out.

Feng Shui Guidelines 

1. Living Room

Give your front door a clear and strong energy flow by keeping it away from big windows and doors. There’s no need to remodel if you have a different layout, because you still have time to reposition the room’s existing furniture pieces.

Have the Sustainably Made candle holder give an aesthetic luck to your living room, because candles bring light to darkness, eliminating the forces of evil that may enter your home.

2. Bedroom

For a good night’s sleep, create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. Prevent ill-fitting pillows and cluttered electronics; instead, have proper bedding in your room.

Try Sustainably Made and Quirky Tech’s gadget holders and Cordies Executive’s cord organizer. These lucky charms will bring coordination to your life.

Another thing you can do is declutter the things under your bed. However, Feng Shui expert, Cho says a lot of energy is wasted on cleaning, so use Quirky to fix your wardrobe. Quirky hangers represent clarity in your being as much as they give organization to your garments.

3. Kitchen

The Year of the Dog calls for a new design and layout in your kitchen, since it welcomes prosperity and wealth. To receive these, repaint your kitchen in sky blue and earth colors. Blue calms and balances earthy colors, which make the right combination to attract happy energy and healthy life.

Place eco-friendly Quirky and Sustainably Made’s chopping boards to get more positive energy in the kitchen. It’s best to add the Sustainably Made wine hat as well, because wine attracts love and friendship.

Avoid too much embellishment. Make your kitchen small and tidy for as long as its design and layout complement Feng Shui guidelines.


People believe in Feng Shui because they can benefit from it. They love to attract positive energy in their lives, so they believe in the so-called Feng Shui trinitythe living room, bedroom, and kitchen, which together represent health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing are the most significant parts of your life to keep you going in 2018. There’s no harm if you take note of AVA’s Feng Shui guidelines in Home and Design.


Image source: Pinterest