A Pet Lover’s Guide: 4 Pet-Friendly Outfits to Shop at AVA

A Pet Lover’s Guide: 4 Pet-Friendly Outfits to Shop at AVA
by Gretzel Lantican

Do you get excited when you see a dog in public? Does your cat fall asleep on your lap? Are you a volunteer at an animal shelter? If your answer to these questions are “yes”, then lady, you’re a certified pet lover!

Pets play a significant part in our everyday lives as they provide companionship and emotional support. Our dogs, cats, and other pets cheer us up the most when we’re at our loneliest.

This National Pet Day, they deserve some appreciation. Wear your most comfortable outfit as you caress your doggo stylishly in this special day.

Learn from the looks of our favorite celebrity pet lovers.

Uptown girl

When the hot weather accompanies your stressful day at work, wear linen. This type of clothing is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Your body can easily breathe as you walk your pet around town.

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Sporty chic

Hoodies complement your summer attire when they’re made from rayon, cotton, or linen. Wearing any of these coverups won’t leave you overheating, instead just exuding coziness around your adorable buddy.

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Relaxed and snuggly

There’s nothing more pleasant than wearing a shirt and sweatpants while cuddling your cat on the couch. Your versatile look gives you more time to play with your pet.

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Sophisticated Sweetheart

When you attend a prestigious show and you want the presence of your doggo, be clothed in a sheer dress. While this dress boosts confidence, your dog’s hair can also be removed easily from this ready-to-wear piece.

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While loving our pets is something we do every day, wearing the most suitable outfits to pet them is something we should focus on. Give them extra treats today as you wear pet-friendly outfits from AVA.Ph.