A Shopping Guide for Your Campus Outfit Ideas

A Shopping Guide for Your Campus Outfit Ideas

by Gretzel Lantican


It’s the start of a school year once again. This calls for great first impressions and first-day getups, so you’d better add a campus twist to your school wardrobe. Look polished on your first-day style. As the saying goes, a good first impression lasts, so better make your debut look its best.

A little sartorial inspiration never hurt anybody, so here are a few style steals from AVA:

Dress smart.

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Since you’re born to stand out, get ahead of the class instantly. Dress in your smartest style to make it on point for the season.

Try a look that’s a mix of a high waist bottom, basic top, and jacket (either denim or leather, your choice). Complete your style by adding jewelry and a designer bag to your statement look.

Opt for a casual first-day getup.

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Look like you’re classroom-ready. Sport a graphic tee with a pair of shorts (but not too short!). You may upgrade your style with a plaid skirt, the Rachel Green way. For a fine finish, get your favored shoes, may they be short heels or flats.

Display your sweet side.

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To make new friends this school year, don a pastel-colored ensemble. Subtle shades would effortlessly make you a sweetheart. Just don’t forget to have a proper hairstyle as well.

Channel that inner sophistication.

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Show your inner ladylike personality in modern dresses. With a flowy or floral getup, you’d impress people and become the campus’ ultimate crush in no time. This is best paired with your favored loafers or sneakers for a look that’s both stylish and comfy.

Wear an edgy, relaxed outfit throughout your day.

See more laid-back look on Monica Madrigal 

A look that’s easy to wear could be found in a laidback wardrobe. Since it’s your first day, you may opt to sport something that’s comfortable to garb. Try chic pairings with overalls, or flare pants with a plain camisole.

Get on Board

A charming style is a nice way to begin the school year. As the mantra indicates, dress to impress. Wearing nice clothes could really affect the way people perceive you, so you better dress with confidence.

Dressing beautifully makes a woman feel powerful. For a student, this develops a great motivation to enter the academic year - with style.