Sep 21, 2016

Tony Evan is an up-and-coming designer who is known for seamlessly combining cuts and lines to achieve a flattering and form-fitting look for the modern woman. He was first known for his eye-catching headpieces before fully immersing himself into womenswear.

Among his recognitions include winning the prestigious Today’s Terno competition in 2014 led by the Fashion Designers Council of the Philippines. In 2015, he was one of the chosen few from the country to become a delegate for the British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase, a gathering of talented fashion designers from all over the world. Aside from this, he was also recognized by Preview Magazine as one of the Philippines’ top emerging designers of 2013.

7What would you say is your trademark as a designer?

I get credited a lot for my lines.  A lot of people, even models tell me, “Oh, I like your aesthetic and your cuts and your lines because it’s really unique,” and they really follow the contour of the feminine body. So, I think that’s my trademark.

Where did your passion for fashion design come from?

Honestly, like most creative people I’m insanely curious about a lot of things. I got really curious on how to make a woman essentially feel like she’s art, be someone she wanted to look like but she never could.  You really don’t need surgery; you really don’t need a lot of these things that sometimes ruin you as a person.  You only need to find your own style and find the things that enhance your shape and enhance the things you already have.  And I think with the clothes I’m making, they always make the women wearing them feel so much better about themselves, like, they never saw themselves that thin or that beautiful ever. I’m always touched every time they credit me with it because it’s my clothes, yeah, but then it’s the feeling my clothes give to them.

What do you love most about what you do?

Really the people involved in making a dress – I love the operations.  Even though I say I hate it because it’s very stressful and you need to coordinate with a lot of people, I like it because essentially we’re making a dream come true, you know?  We’re trying to make someone feel happy, someone feel beautiful.

11What was your inspiration for this particular collection?

Well, for this one I wanted to create separates that would go really well together.  I didn’t wanna make singles that you will only wear once or twice.  So these pieces – the tops specifically – they’re a little bit longer than most tops, and that’s designed specifically so that they can work for night-time, they can work well for short shorts, and long pants. The draping is something I’ve never seen around, so I feel really confident about them. This collection in particular is versatile and functional. It’s what sets them apart from my past works.

Who do you see wearing this collection of yours with AVA?

Oh, two women.  Only two women – Olivia Palermo and Diane Kruger.  I mean, they’re not exactly, like, the tip-top of the most famous people in the world, but I always feel that all of their combinations and their style is very well curated and yet they don’t have stylists.  That’s the thing; they style themselves. Another person like them is Blake Lively, and she said that shopping and trying out new things is the fun part [about fashion].

8V0A9332Are you a breakfast person?

Yes. I’m a person of routine, na I like having my juice, my mango juice, and I don’t like rice in the morning.  Something like a sandwich … I don’t like rice kasi lunch yun, di ba?

Name one celebrity you’d want to dress up as.

Oh, that’s a good one! I would be a very slutty Kim Kardashian. Super slutty, cutouts everywhere, fur coats.

Which fashion house would  you like to work for and why?

Chanel.  Kasi, they have money.  Yeah, they have lots of money and budget.  You can do whatever.

What do you indulge in the most?

Stick-O.  I’m obsessed with Stick-O. I get so frustrated when groceries don’t have it and they have their own brand like Champions, Super Stix, it’s not and they can never, they can never capture the same taste of Stick-O.

17What’s next for Tony Evan?

How do I know?  I never know what’s next. But I’m always sure, I’m always, always sure that I always have something to look forward to. Before I’ve had this career, I’ve been praying to God that I wanted to have something to look forward to – no matter how small it was. So I have a lot right now that I’m kind of juggling. I’m not complaining though, I don’t wanna complain ‘cause I asked for this.

Right now, I’m looking forward to releasing my, this collection with AVA, specifically, because I’m looking forward to seeing regular women wear my stuff. Women who are not necessarily comfortable with my plunging necklines and my cutouts with sheer fabric and everything. I’m excited to see women wear them to the office, everywhere. I feel like I’m … the kind of designer that I am is kind of like a Van Gogh. Although I feel like an artist, I don’t feel like I want to be in a museum, I want my works to be used everywhere and for every woman to feel na they could have a piece of me – I mean, my work.  Not me, ew.


View the full Tony Evan x AVA collection here.