As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Social Gathering

As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Social Gathering

The woman on the go is by far a wonder woman in their own right, who can handle having a dozen things to do each day all the while maintaining the look of a posh and presentable woman that's ready to conquer the working day while spending time with her friends and family.

Social gatherings are the best time to relax and meet up with friends and family, the perfect place to socialize with other people and of course, you need to look good doing it. Juggling a hectic schedule all the while managing to look prim and presentable is not an easy thing to do.

Take a cue from Jackie Go, a full-time mom of two, blogger, and commercial and print ad model with such a tight schedule it can easily make anyone go out of their wits. Wanna know how she does all this while rocking an effortlessly gorgeous style? Jackie shares her tips and secrets of the trade from way back ago and now on how she styles for social gatherings.

When you don't know what to wear the best bet is to grab a dress and pair it up with nice shoes that'll make your look appear put together even if you're not in full makeup or with styled hair.

Jackie says her style back then was focused primarily on getting the most trendy and popular pieces that would suit a particular event or occasion. A night out on the town with friends or family, a lunch out with business partners or clients, and even the mundane task of going grocery shopping- she always would use to focus on the occasion rather than her own style.

Now Jackie is more into finding pieces that are practical to be worn again, as she flourishes with grace and wisdom as a mom and a fabulous tita of Manila, she knows just how important it is in getting your money's worth on everything that you invest.

Money doesn't grow on trees and trends come and go, but your own personal style is yours to alter, tweak, and discover as time passes.

"Now it's really more of pieces that I could wear again, when you're young it's easy to buy clothes that could help you stand out but it's hard to repeat because people will remember the dress and they'll think ‘Favorite mo ba yan'," Jackie says.

It's not bad to have a favorite piece of clothing but it's also good to experiment and switch things up.  

Check out Jackie Go's collection with AVA and you can start curating your wardrobe with pieces that'll be perfect to mix and match for your next social gathering.

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