As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Weekends

As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Weekends

The time has come to relax and welcome the much awaited weekend and as much as you want to dress down like it's nobody's business it's never a bad thing to be prepared just in case a surprise visitor pops up in your doorway or you meet an old friend in the grocery and you look down and see your old shirt, baggy shorts, and flip flops.

Yikes, it's for these kinds of situations that being aware of what you wear comes in very handy. For a full-time mom of two, blogger, and commercial and print ad model Jackie Go is a woman who's always on the go. Weekends aren't an excuse to wear plain and shabby clothing even when doing mundane errands like paying the bills, even though Jackie admits that she's a tank top shirt and shorts to jeans kinds of girl when at home.

However. take for example a full day like Sunday, in the morning this mom of two goes to church with her family and to set a good example for her children Jackie is careful and mindful of the dress codes of the church. She switches pieces that is is safe for church like a scarf or a sweater and come lunch time she either brings an extra cover up or blazer, in the afternoon when family bonding and playtime begin Jackie knows she's going to be moving around a lot and always the girl scout on the go she'll change from wearing heels to comfy sneakers or flats in an instant.

According to Jackie "It's stressful when you don't have help, but the thing is it's something I really like to do, literally playing dress up." They say when you love doing something you'll never get tired of it and every day is a new day of trials and discovery that makes you better at what you do.

Jackie Go is the epitome of a woman who remained true to her style even when the pressure of following trends was high, with her evolving versatile and simplistic style she shares that she checks out fashion inspiration from Pinterest. Growing up everything was about accessorizing and baggy pants were everywhere, being the youngest of her three sisters she would get passed hand me downs and she describes herself as a tomboyish girl with an athletic streak.

Her major style realization came when she started doing television commercials, only then did she recognize that she needed to have her own style and not just accept the clothes that were given to her like when she was growing up. It’s important to know what can set you apart from the rest because it’s what going to open new opportunities for you to grow in the future.