As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Work

As Told By Jackie Go: How To Style For Work

What does one wear to work? Every company has a strict dress code that every employee has to follow but that’s not an excuse for you to leave out color and creativity in finding a style that balances professionalism and your absolute need to dress fashionably.

To find that middle way, we sat down with Jackie Go of and asked her how she dresses for work!

"It's all about finding out what works for you", Jackie says. She mentions that when it comes to work styling, it’s all about learning how to show off your personal style while following the dress code for work.

It's important to take into account what impression you want to make when you select your clothing pieces for the day. She says that you can show off your style without revealing too much skin. Learning to balance and compensate is the key to achieving a well-proportioned look.

Jackie in a printed wrap dress, paired with eccentric statement stilettos.

According to Jackie, "It's really more of styling it based on how appropriate I want to look [sic] ". She stresses that you always try to match your look to the people around you but still stay true to your own brand of style. You do not want to overdress and seem too showy. That said, you also do not want to look underdressed.

Jackie in a white trench coat paired with white pumps and chunky bracelets.

She mentions that you have to be subtle and true to the style that fits you, styles change as we grow older and our tastes and preferences elevate to fit our age.

Jackie in a royal blue loose-fitting tank top paired with oversized culottes and sandals.

Ladies, here's a valuable piece of advice from Jackie that everyone needs to hear:

"You're only in this stage of your life once, so I'm in my 30’s now and when I'm in my 40’s it's all the more easy to style then than now because what you wear will be from a curated closet- by then you'd have gathered the pieces that you could wear from day to night without really changing anything. [sic] "

She stresses that it’s important to buy staple clothing pieces that you could see yourself wearing in the long run, and to resist the allure of the trendy impulse buy because most of the time once a trend has been deemed outdated, you won’t wear that article of clothing again.

Let out your creativity in curating your closet with basic pieces that can be worn repeatedly in different work settings and add a pop of color or two with vibrant colors and patterns that work well together, don’t be intimidated to mix and match.

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Helena Shift Dress (Jackie Go X AVA)Shift Dress Helena in Off White

Half Sleeved Judy in Black (Jackie Go X AVA)Half Sleeve Judy in Black