AVA’s 2018 Sartorial Checklist

AVA’s 2018 Sartorial Checklist
by Gretzel H. Lantican


The new year is all about making changes, and that includes upgrading your wardrobe. The new season is bound for fresh starts, and so is your style. Start the year right by looking good and feeling good about yourself, because this is the year when first impression matters.

Trends in fashion are relevant, as style changes overtime. Fashion plays a significant role in everyone’s individual lifestyle and  has a huge impact on our culture as well. You may opt to join the trends this year, but you can create your own version.

Your style is what matters, anyway.

Styles of 2018

Fashion has really evolved overtime and we’re seeing 2018 as the start of something bolder, broader, and more extraordinary. Even digital fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper Bazaar, and PopSugar agree to that.

Shades of Purple

UltraViolet is the color of the year, but we’re looking into more pastel purple hues this season. It’s the shade where you can look young and chic at the same time. Plus, it complements any boss lady outfit as purple symbolizes authoritative look.

The fanciest collection of purple clothing can be found in The Chic and Caula’s collection.

Retro Dreams

Sophisticated looks are still in for the season, particularly adding a funkier and bolder twist to floral prints. If you’re into flowers and spring patterns, lucky you! Classic florals will be a huge trend this 2018.

You might want to steal the style  from Gyle and Cloth & Co.’s line of floral prints.  


Scene Stealer Plaid Ensembles

Remember our ‘Queen of Plaid Prints’ Rachel Green? We loved seeing her usual getup of turtleneck tops and plaid skirts on ‘FRIENDS’. Most women are all over our girl’s style on the show.

It’s time to raid your closets,  for plaid skirts are making a huge return this year. Better yet, it’s not just plaids on skirts but also on blazers and shoes this season.

Art-infused Collections

Other designs for 2018 involve art-infused collections. Vogue mentioned that “Art collaborations are the new music collaborations” this year.

Some examples of artsy collabs feature local brands like ‘Plain and Prints’ and ‘Freeway’. Both these clothing lines usually work with well-known artists like fashion designer Ralph Lauren and National Artist Benjamin Cabrera, respectively. While international designers Raf Simons and Calvin Klein featured an Andy Warhol collection on the runway this year.

If you opt to wear a marvelous piece from our artists, check Patty Ang x AVA and Neon Island’s stylish collection.  

Laid-back Styles

Women love the comfiness of laid-back getups; that’s why they aren’t retiring this season or anytime soon. Casual styles remain one of the hottest trends in the industry.

You can steal the casual look from Arin’s collection and at the same time look funky and comfy in it.

Fringe Getups

Just like lazy wears, fringe styles continue their trend this year as well. They’re taking over the fashion industry in a flash. Plus, this style is evolving fast, from Gucci fringe bags to Alexander Wang’s fringe clothing.

What’s Not

From eyeing pastel purple to loving fringe ensembles, 2018 is ready for huge developments in the fashion industry. What you should also know are the fashion don’ts of the year. Chokers, off-baring pieces, and skater getups aren’t much a trend this season, yet you can still wear it this time of the year.

After all, fashion is all about confidence. You can wear whatever you want, but always pay attention to details. You can try the latest trends of 2018 and look phenomenal in it, but make sure to feel good about it.


Photo credits: Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google