AVA’s Street Style Picks: Channel a Laid-Back Look

AVA’s Street Style Picks: Channel a Laid-Back Look

by Gretzel  Lantican


When it comes to laid-back colors and stylish outerwear, women in Tokyo rule the scene. Their unique style provides outfit inspirations for lovers of relaxed fashion all over the world. These ladies standout in every dress they wear because of the personal touches they add to it. We’ve learned from them that it’s always wise to prioritize comfort over fashion.

The Trend

With street style fashion being on trend, there’s no doubt every woman can adapt a modest look via AVA’s curated style.

Woven bags

Women in Tokyo promote sustainable fashion by carrying around stylish woven bags. These tropical accessories look great with any outfit, and best of all, they’re made of eco-friendly materials that benefit Mother Earth.

Llois - Bali

Basic Camisole

Since simplicity is the main trend in streetwear, the so-called “lingerie look” is seen sported by women of Tokyo. The basics for this look include plain camisoles. They are so easy to match with trousers, pants, and skirts, and look great under jackets, too.

Thread 365 - Women’s Jeweled Tank Top in Heather Black

Flowy Dresses

Sometimes the plainest wardrobe is the easiest to wear. Like the Monica Madrigal collection, the simple cuts of streetwear dresses are so laid-back. Women in Tokyo opt to wear them with a favored pair of sneakers or sandals.

Monica Madrigal - Bea Dress in Striped Blue & White

Leather Sandals

Women in Tokyo often find the slip-ons and dress getup so comfy to wear because it lets them wander in modest. A pair of leather sandals seems to be a trendy way for them to travel, because as late Marilyn Monroe said, “Give her the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

Annie & Lori - Nicolai in Amber

Steal the Look

In street style fashion, comfort is always prioritized. Women in Tokyo believe that there’s comfort in every style, but set your style with the right attitude and you’ll be nailing the laid-back trend in no time.

Be like the women in Tokyo, who aspire to be the best version of themselves through dressing up. They aren’t afraid to try new things and involve an array of different clothes. Since fashion is all about expressing themselves, they wear what makes them comfortable, happy, and beautiful, You should too!