AVA's Fashion Terminology: The ABCs You Need to Know

AVA's Fashion Terminology: The ABCs You Need to Know

by Gretzel Lantican


A million dollar dress doesn’t prove anything, but your knowledge in fashion does. Speak the language fluently, and you’ll be confident in your style know-how.

SOS Dress in Navy Blue

This triangle-like silhouette creates an A-shaped form that flatters a woman’s waist.


Koi Dress in Floral Pink

Bell-shaped sleeves usually have bigger arm holes that flow down to elbows. This style creates volume for women with thin arms.


Margaret Cape Dress in Tan

A cape dress is a bias cut that starts from the shoulders down to the hem of the dress. To show a figure-skimming fit with a classy twist, cape designs are usually made of sheer and stretchy materials.


Draped Maxi Skirt with Slit in Nude

Originally,  the draped skirt was the ideal clothing for dance teachers, but lately it’s come to be loved by women everywhere. Its pin-striped design is a contemporary detail, adding a dramatic effect to any outfit.


Carmen in Multicolored Pompoms

Embroidery is a traditional technique often performed by skilled artisans on clothes, bags, and accessories. It’s characterized by hand sewing stitches such as buttonhole and satin.


The Flounce

Flounce is an exaggeration of layered fabrics similar to a ruffled cut. These pieces of garments are often sewn together to add volume to a silhouette.


Ladonna Dress in Yellow

Commonly known as the asymmetric cut, geometric is another method of design in the patterns of cut outs and irregular shapes. It creates a unique style that usually emphasizes a woman’s shoulders and legs.


Blackless Top in Purple 

Featuring styles like cropped, lace, and knitted, halter silhouettes often highlight a woman’s broad shoulders and flawless back. It can be recognized by its key features: spaghetti straps that wrap around the neck with a scoop back.


Hanami Skirt in Old Rose

In the world of pleats, the inverted box has wider box pleats, meaning the spaces are farther apart, compared to the standard fold.


Sweater Dress in Black

Jersey fabric is a fine, knitted cloth that’s often used for streetwear. It’s ideal for a relaxed getup.



Defined by its straight seams and usually floral prints, the Kimono is a traditional wraparound Japanese garment used as a cover up.


Mac in Yellow

Genuine leather is made from animal skin, usually that of cows, pigs, or snakes, while its faux version is chemically processed with dye or wax.


Neoprene Midi Skirt in Navy Blue


Momo Top in True White

The sewn upper edges of a garment, necklines create a statement around the neck. They can be in the forms of boat, Chinese collar, round, V-neck, and so on.


Sweater Dress in Red 

Exceeding beyond the standard size, oversized clothes are often found in street fashion.


(Source: Ali Express)

A pullover is a garment made of warm material that fully covers a woman’s torso and arms. It’s usually styled over a clothing piece.


Laptop Tote 15 in Black

The classic patchwork quilt is made of two or more layers of a padded fabric, sewn with parallel lines in the form of a square or geometric pattern.


Hudson in Magenta and Sky Blue 

Reversible pieces can be used inside out and can come in the form of any piece of apparel, often totes or pants and accessories.


Lavinia Ruffle Shift Dress in Multi

Made with simple, clean lines that flow down to a woman’s shoulders, shift dresses are known as an everyday casual wear.


Pleated Culottes in Black

When a dress reaches the end of a woman’s shin, it’s called a tea length.


(source: Google)

Among the many styles of pleats, the unpressed pleats are the narrowest and most decorative version.


Beathany in Old Pink

Velvet is a fine, elegant fabric that’s soft to the touch and commonly dark in hues.


Wrap Dress Jackie in Black

Wrap dresses flatters every woman’s size, may she be a pear, hourglass, or diamond. It's a simple yet elegant piece that emphasizes a woman's silhouette, from broad shoulders to long legs.


(Source: Pinterest)

Whether in the front or in the back, the crisscross pattern is known as the X-line. This style adds an alluring flair to a woman’s upper body.


(Source: Google)

Yoke is a cut out, round pattern sewn around the neckline of a garment. This design highlights a woman’s front bodice.


Hanover in Cherry

Known as the pull tab, the zipper pull is a slider with limited function. It’s usually used to fasten the a woman’s dress, blouse, jean, bags, or boots.


Learning AVA’s fashion terminology is as easy as singing the ABCs, but this time, with designated meanings.

Understand these terms by heart, for each word will widen your knowledge in the world of trending outfits and refreshing styles.