AVA's Lucky Fashion: Style Based on Your Chinese Zodiac

AVA's Lucky Fashion: Style Based on Your Chinese Zodiac

by Gretzel H. Lantican

You may paint your nails rose gold, color your hair ash grey, and wear clothes in Ultraviolet to showcase all the top colors of 2018, but have you ever thought of your lucky color?

Choose extraordinary looks that will bring luck and style to your wardrobe, because there’s no better way of showing your luck than by fashionably dressing up based on your Chinese Zodiac.

Style Based on Your Zodiac

Get on your favored heels. Discover the perfect hue that fits you.

Year of the Rat and Dog

Style in blue for luck. Sport the shade and reflect your confidence by wearing daring pieces like off-shoulder tops and slide slit skirts.

Year of the Ox and Rabbit

Look in the shade of yellow for fashion luck. Any family of its hue can match your jolly and perky side in a laid-back getup.

Year of the Tiger and Snake

As a trendy woman born in the Year of the Tiger or Snake, opt for deep brown shades. Your elegance and enthusiasm surely fits the chic ensemble in this neutral shade.

Year of the Monkey and Pig

Choose good fortune in white outfits. As an innocent lass born in the Year of the Monkey or Pig, the purity of white clothing adds perfection to your wardrobe.

Year of the Goat and Rooster

Garb in beige as your lucky color. Its relaxed tone is as laid-back as the style you’re going to wear for the season.

Year of the Horse and Dragon

Wear luck in pink for a woman born in the Year of the Horse or Dragon. Blush in sophistication as you style in fashionable smart clothes like button-up tops or high-waist pants.



They say live your life to the fullest, but as an ultimate fashionista, you must live your life in style and luck as well. Wear your success like an accessory, because it will forever keep that optimistic side of you.