Be Style-Ready for Rainy Days with Plueys

Be Style-Ready for Rainy Days with Plueys

by Gretzel Lantican


The rainy season isn’t an excuse to be out of fashion. Strut even in the worst times. Don't be the type of girl who wears a pair of sneakers or leather boots under the rain. These pairs can't protect you under the rain or in the flood.

Instead, invest in an ideal pair of rainboots such as Plueys. These 13 inch high printed rubber boots have a full cotton lining, 1 inch heel, treaded rubber sole, and adjustable buckle strap. Wearing it is the epitome of getting ready for the rainfall. You’re always in protection whenever, wherever.

This Season’s Rainboots

Plueys are designed to upgrade every woman’s rainwear. The brand’s latest collection wass ideally made to match every woman's style—creative, adorable, cool, or sophisticated.

Kaleidoscool is for the type of woman who eyes rad shades and cool patterns, while the Sew Cute is for ladies who love to have a touch of elegance and class under the rain.

For a woman who wants to channel a playful look under the weather, the Baa Baa Blues is the right pair. These perky designed boots are so adorable, you wouldn’t want to walk into floodwaters - but you can, because they’re totally washable!

The brand also has the Oooh La Lace, Pluey’s printed black lacey boots. This pair displays so much sexiness and sassiness for a woman’s style, you wouldn’t even think they were for keeping your feet dry!

Have the Pair

The rainy season has come and a pair of rain boots should now become one of your wardrobe essentials. Forget your favored sneakers and flats. There’s no need for you to experience the hassle of walking around town with wet shoes.

With Plueys, you can say goodbye to soaked feet under the rain. Wearing this brand definitely feels like you’re on cloud nineworry free in comfy and stylish boots.