Check Your Trendy Bags That Go For All Occasions

Check Your Trendy Bags That Go For All Occasions


Whether in the form of leather briefcases, handbags, backpacks, belt bags or made with recyclable materials, bags are the finishing touch for an OOTD. Bags complement the outfit, but it is also a  life-saver especially if you have lots of stuff to bring with you. There are people who are very particular about what kind of bag you’re using, so it’s up to you if you prefer a designer bag or a bag that simply defines your personality.


Here are the trendy bag brands perfect for all occasions from day to night.

1. From Blank

This beaded handbag is perfect for your charming and vibrant outfit. This exposes your love for colors and creative designs. You can also wear this during formal events. But be careful, this bag should go along with the color/s of your dress.

Cocktail Bag in Caramello
₱1,945.00 PHP

2. Urbanigs

Fyi, this hand bag is woven and not painted. You can always use this bag on any casual events, and everyone will surely love it. Support locally made products!

Diwata Tala Long Handle
₱2,499.00 PHP

3. Audreylane Bags

This quilted bag is a polished idea for your everyday wear. You may also consider this to bring during night outs which is obviously easy and comfortable to use.

Bailey in Black
₱980.00 PHP ₱588.00 PHP


Safety first! Wear this anti-theft bag in crowded places where it is impossible to bring your essentials. Through this bag, you will be more confident to go to places, whether crowded or not.

Explorer Slash-proof Backpack
₱6,000.00 PHP ₱4,999.00 PHP

5. Wanderskye

This hand bag is best to bring during travels. To make your travel experience less hassle, you can always go for a quality-wise handbag aside from your luggage.

Philippine Postcards Infinity Bag
₱595.00 PHP

6. Suzy

You can always use this bag in any occasion. So far, this type of bag is preferred by most women who only bring mobile phones, retouch make-up kit, and wallet inside their bags.

Samara in Black
₱800.00 PHP ₱640.00 PHP

7. Filiology

A clutch is used on a formal and corporate events. Regardless of the design, clutches are used to look more precise and proper.

Basey Clutch - Dk. Green & Natural DA...
₱935.00 PHP

8. Fabriqca

Looking for your everyday bag? Eye this one ‘cause you can always bring this bag with you whether indoors or outdoors.

Coffee Cream
₱700.00 PHP ₱600.00 PHP