Common Career Mistakes that You should Never Repeat

Common Career Mistakes that You should Never Repeat
by Gretzel H. Lantican


Life is like a rollercoaster. It goes up and down. You’ve just got to ride until you make mistakes, and learn from them. Everybody makes errors sometimes, and they’re commonly mishaps done in any field of career.

Bruce Lee once said, “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them”. It’s alright to learn from your faults, but make sure never to repeat them. Prevent doing the same mistakes again, because it could take a toll on your professional life.

How to Prevent Career Mistakes

The ultimate question is “How can you not commit the same error again?” The answer lies in the following situations:

Missing a deadline

Deadlines are sacred, yet everyone’s guilty of missing them; even top performers experience this.

While you’re buried in all the work and assignments you’ve got, you also can’t get through the week without getting enough sleep. These are such situations that have a negative impact on your productivity, so do something about it.

Tune up your organizational skills. Find the possible causes of missing your target deadlines. Break down your tasks into pieces to keep track of your activities for the entire week.

Staying out of line

Keeping yourself offline is a common mistake most professionals continue doing. Social media won’t do your career any damage unless you’re being careless. Just lay low in the field. Keep your profile in a decent and dormant way, so it would be beneficial for you in the corporate world.

This digital age entails you to be a social media savvy, so never go offline. You might get an urgent call or important e-mail from the office. Letting yourself online, allows the opportunities to get to you, because online details are a doorway to a better career.

Neglecting your skills

There may be a time when you forget to develop your skills as you devote your entire career to your current company. Don’t let your skill development lapse. You’ve got so much potential in you, so create your own opportunities by training or getting a certificate in your desired study.

Doing sidelines

There’s nothing wrong with getting a part-time job aside from your full-time career. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s in a blue- or white-collar job. The important thing is not to lose focus on your job.

Prioritize your career by avoid doing part-time jobs within working hours. Aside from being disrespectful, it looks like you’re neglecting responsibilities. The best thing is to schedule your freelance job on free hours to prevent doing it at work.

Not negotiating your salary

Maybe you risk leaving money on the table. Try negotiating your salary the right way. Don’t be in the ⅕ of workers who never negotiated their salary, as surveys indicate.

Never be afraid to take a chance. You could get through fear and rejection but never a salary. Just stay humble all the way, and you can bravely ask for it.

Burning Bridges

Misunderstandings at work are normal, but never burn bridges. Reputation is everything. Be professional to not cause certain damage to your career. You may not have a dime, but at least you’ve gained respect.

Make amends by admitting to your fault. Start with a formal apology, then determine where you had a misunderstanding. Take the incident as a lesson so it won’t happen again.

Improving for the Better

A mistake shapes who you are. It’s the greatest teacher of all time. It lets you improve, because mistakes are for learning and not repeating. It’s a challenging mishap that would make you better and wiser the next time you deal with it.