Creating Fashionable Workwear in Daria

Creating Fashionable Workwear in Daria

by Gretzel H. Lantican

An enchanting childhood inspired fashion designer Danelyn Rillera to create a fun and fashion forward local brand. She made Daria to style every working girl in town.


At the age of 13, young Rillera found her interest in the field of fashion. She regularly visited her Uncle Ferdie at his accessory factory in Baguio City. Then, he gave Rillera a huge break at the age of 14 by enlisting her as the designer head of his factory.

The little girl was forever grateful for the opportunity offered by her uncle. It became her stepping stone towards reaching her dream as a fashion designer.

After years of studying the field, Rillera became a certified graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. Her working experience with known international brands made her dabble with the idea of producing the exclusive local wear brand, Daria.

Creation of Daria

Daria's series of fashionable workwear

Daria was born in the year when glamorous and classic designs were on trend. In 2010, she started the clothing and footwear line for the sophisticated working girl.

She believes that a woman can still dress in intricate detailed ensembles and impeccably cut outfits even during busy hours. She also considers color blocking, which manipulates the contrast of colors, as a style to emphasize a woman’s elegant beauty and alluring figure.

Style Inspiration

Rillera’s clothing designs came from her experienced artistry and was inspired by people she looks up to in the field. Her greatest style inspirations are local and international designers Norman Noriega and Chado Ralph Rucci, respectively. Noriega’s style highlights gender-bender threads, while Rucci’s line focuses on luxury clothing and accessories.


Rillera devoted her entire life to being a fashion designer. Her expertise in the field produced a sophisticated workwear brand with style and affordability for women. She created Daria to be every working girl’s first choice of high-spirited and stylish fashion.