Defining a Cocktail Attire: The Dos and Don’ts

Defining a Cocktail Attire: The Dos and Don’ts

by Gretzel Lantican

For social gatherings, cocktail dresses are often better to wear than business suits, because the latter’s usually too formal for the occasion. And if you know how to wear a cocktail attire, you’re ready to conquer any event.

In the early ‘90s, the cocktail dress became a trend. It was even identified as the dress code for evening functions and parties. But the question is, how do you define such an attire?

The Dos

Wearing a cocktail dress can be overwhelming, but it won’t be if you know what defines a cocktail dress. It’s usually fancier than meets the eye, with chic or sexy cuts, embellished fabric, and bold colors. It features an A-line cut and a hemline below arm’s length, and it finishes above the knees.

Luca x AVA - Knot Dress in Black


Luca x AVA - Knot Dress in Red


Luca x AVA - Knot Dress in Cream 


If you’re not comfortable in a dress for the occasion, wear a pair of sleek trousers with a dressy blouse. While not traditional, this get-up also counts as a cocktail attire and still looks extra modern and chic.

Both outfits are worn best with accessories, a clutch, and fancy heels.

The Don’ts

Since a cocktail dress is smart wear for ladies at social gatherings, it shouldn’t look like  something that can only pass for clubbing.

It shouldn’t be too revealing, as the event it’s being worn to is likely a classy one, so attendees need to dress the part. It should always be carried with finesse and class. However, this doesn’t mean you need to completely cover up. Showing a little skin never hurt anybody, so adding alluring cuts on the dress’ neckline still qualifies as classy. 

The Neckline Cuts
Donatella Dress


Greta Dress


Giovanna Dress 


Everyone loves social gatherings until they require a dress code: usually, cocktail attire. Worry not, as AVA’s here to help you with your style woes. Just remember to wear a cocktail dress that’s midi-length and embellished with sophistication, ideally suitable to the occasion.