Don Ultimate Sophistication with These 5 All-Black Outfits from AVA

Don Ultimate Sophistication with These 5 All-Black Outfits from AVA

by Gretzel Lantican


When the world introduced fashion, women opted to wear clothes set by trends. They’re often trendy and playful, laid-back and sweet, or casual and fun. These various styles have shown their versatile taste in fashion over the years.

All ladies look different, but they’re the same in terms of owning at least one piece of black clothing in their wardrobe. Most women love the simplicity and class that black pieces provide to any outfit.

The dark tone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but many women view it as a color to be adored. The absence of all hue symbolizes elegance and sophistication, and that’s what matters most, at least in fashion.

Truth to be told, the industry started obsessing with black  when Vogue produced the little black dress collection. The pieces showcased effortless beauty, for the dresses didn’t need to be explained; they spoke for themselves.

AVA believes that ultimate sophistication is important and needs to be displayed. An array of  the so-called little black dress has evolved into different cuts and fabrics today. Here are some of the most desirable pieces:

With Monica Madrigal’s flowy Joanne dress and it’s A silhouette, you can stride in a simple, laid-black outfit that accentuates your hips and adds glam to your style.

Joanna Dress 



The black neoprene and lacy Ariana dress from Undo can be your heart’s desire, for it has intricate details you can display in grace.

Ariana Dress 



Versatility could be found in Daria’s long dresses. Try the Athens Formal Cape Gown and Marian One Shoulder Formal Gown, which both have elegance and flair to garb to social gatherings and special occasions.

Athens Formal Cape Gown 
Marian One Shoulder Formal Gown 



To match your favored pair of shoes with a clean-cut outfit, check the Haru dress from the Tricia Gosingtian x AVA collection.

Haru Dress 



Partner your simple accessories with the nonchalant look of Bengt Enrq’s oversized Kiruna Crepe.

 Kiruna Crepe Tunic


An all-black outfit is a simple piece that’s effortless in style and easy to match. There’s an ultimate sophistication you could channel with a dark toned outfit, so get an all-black dress now at AVA. As the mantra says, every woman should at least have one little black dress.