Nov 10, 2016

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By: Bea Osmeña

2016 is the year of women empowerment, and powerful women depicted in popular media is finally becoming normalized. With so many strong female characters on TV, we finally have some role models. Though some of their strategies may be a little on the iffy side, you cannot deny that they get the job done and always in style.

Here are 5 pieces you can wear to emanate your favorite female power figures on TV:

  1. Claire Underwood. Anyone who is a true and discerning fan of House of Cards knows who the real political mastermind is: Claire Underwood. In the silver gown from the state dinner with the Russian President, Claire took our breath away. Mimic the elegant draping with Patty Ang’s Nicole Top for a more everyday look.


  2. Elizabeth North. Move over, Olivia Pope. The latest season of Scandal is Elizabeth’s time to shine. As sharply dressed as she is cunning, Elizabeth North’s classically feminine style has made the tie-neck blouse her signature look. Cop her look with Patty Ang’s Grace top in black.


  3. Jessica Pearson. If Harvey Specter is 007, Jessica Pearson has the tactical acumen of M with the appeal of Miss Honeypenny and is the epitome of #GirlBoss. Channel Jessica Pearson’s look in none other than a boatneck dress with the Victoria Shift Dress by Tony Evan in Navy.


  4. Danaerys Targaryen. As the mother of dragons and breaker of chains (among other titles), Dany is one woman you do not want to mess with. In later seasons, we notice Dany rocking more halters and elegant draping to acclimate to the hot weather. Pop on the Andi top by Patty Ang in either white or black (depending on which version of Dany you prefer) to get her vibe.


  5. Annalise Keating. No-nonsense, refined and composed, Annalise Keating rocks the sleeved tops because you know she’s got a card or two hidden in there. Get in touch with your inner Annalise in the Arabella top by Tony Evan in gray or green.