Earth Tone Colors, Do You Really Know Them?

Earth Tone Colors, Do You Really Know Them?

by Gretzel Lantican

In this world of fast fashion, wardrobe staples come and go. When 2015 began, we welcomed neutral tones and left bright colors behind. Muted colors are seen as the latest trend of the year.

Women love the subtlety of the palette and the effortless style they get from it. For them, it’s the easiest look they can don, for they could match it with ready-to-wear pieces.

Neutrals may have been the trendy color scheme of that time, but not everyone really knew about it. Some differentiate it from earth tone colors when in fact they’re the same thing.

When we studied the color wheel, we learned about the visibility of all primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We knew about the light and dark earth tones, where you mix two complementary colors or combine all the primary colors together. With this color combination, we’ve discovered that neutrals coordinates well with other hues, because it has a touch of warm and cold colors.

Neutrals can be classified into two: pure and near. With pure neutrals, you’ll get all hues of black, gray, and white, while with near neutrals, you’ll get all tints of brown and tan. Other shades of the muted scheme were inspired by nature: dirt, rocks, trees, and moss. These tints make a harmony that create the most out of the earth tone palette.


Combinations of Earth Tone Colors (source: creativecolorschemes)

Earth tone colors are the new aesthetic of this modern era. We may not have encountered this palette before, but it’s never too late to educate ourselves with this type of color scheme.

Just remember that neutral colors are also known as earth tone colors. They’re a mixture of two complementary tones or a combination of all primary tones that create a woman’s staple wardrobe.   


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