Easy Fashion Hacks: 5 Styling Tips to Wear Your Socks

Easy Fashion Hacks: 5 Styling Tips to Wear Your Socks

by Gretzel H. Lantican



Do you know the feeling of wanting to buy an adorable set of frilly socks so badly, but hesitating before you do?

You’re too worried that socks wouldn’t complement your style. You’ve also got that ultimate fear of not nailing the look. Socks may be a returning trend after all, but not everybody can pull it off. Well, set these troubles aside, and warm those feet up -- it’s time to learn how to style your socks.

Socks may have been the unvalued source of style before, but their time in the shadows is long gone. Now is their year to trend, since they’re mostly every millennial’s sartorial expression.

Make It Work

Sporting socks doesn’t matter whether you’re the boho, minimalist, sophisticated, or sporty kind of girl. Just know that there are cool ways to wear them. Be familiar with the drill in the fashion scene.


Wear your feelings, sporty girl.

Let people know your feelings by wearing them in snarky text printed socks. Make sure to complement them with a plain-colored pair of tennis shoes or combat boots to channel the sporty or casual vibe in you.  


Perk it up, summer chick.

The fun thing about summer is you can dress in perky ways, like styling socks with sandals. It may seem funny-looking, but hear us out. It’s considered cute especially if the socks are in a chunky pair of sandals.


Rock it with pumps, young lady.

Some fancy ladies don’t understand the beauty of rocking socks in pumps or block heels. It’s actually the perfect getup for someone trying to look different and edgy. Just believe that you can pull it off, and the confidence will speak for you.


Tone it down, artsy.

Garbing a monochromatic style won’t make you a human crayon. The many shades of one hue could actually highlight the fun and creative side of you. You could match the color of your socks to your whole outfit or to your footwear.


Be a layer slayer.

Did you know that putting socks over stockings or jeans is an ultimate fashion upgrade? Layering socks in a stylish ensemble is the key to a complete wardrobe overhaul. Your fashion peg could be Jess Day’s getup in ‘New Girl’.

Start the Trend

Most people don’t appreciate socks enough, so be among the few pioneers . Start the trend right by defining your style among the set of statement, lace, net, frilly, and knee-high socks.

After all, it wouldn’t be fashion if there wasn’t a risk. Strutting colorful socks and incorporating them to your outfits gives you the confidence of a true diva.



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