Essential Pairs beneath a Woman’s Desk

Essential Pairs beneath a Woman’s Desk

by Gretzel H. Lantican

Not to diss on your favorite heels, but wearing them to work don’t offer the kind of relief you’d like to experience everyday. Ladies should know that it’s always comfort over style and not the other way around.

Comfort is a growing trend in the workplace. Every time a woman wears a pair of heels, she’s (at least partly) dying to get back into flats. Heels are considered the evil yet sexy accessory that would make you feel good yet make your body parts ache.

Flats over Heels

“Get a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” Live by Marilyn Monroe’s words, for nothing beats the ease a set of flats gives.

Step up with your own style. A good pair will take you to the right places, even if you’re a woman in the corporate world. Be the lady boss who knows her pair of shoes beneath the desk.


Ballerine Femme - Fuschia 

When ballet flats are often used, versatility and classiness are commonly thought of, mostly because their round-toe design resembles that of ballet shoes. It’s the style you want to incorporate especially if you peg from the likes of Marie Antoinette Brigette Bardot to Emma Stone.


Nude scallop pair

Another working girl’s best-loved pair is nude flats. It’s her favored choice and staple wardrobe to timeless black flats. With the nude set, dressing up is made easy, because these shoes match any color, as well as any plain or loud patterns.


Ekaterina Gala

Your hardworking feet need a pair of pointed flats so they could effortlessly look posh even when tired of running from errands and meetings. It’s the perfect upgrade to your simple work style.


Loafers in nude selection

Loafers are the ultimate slip-ons. They’re the classic pair with charm that’s ideal to complement any casual or working clothes.  


Pair of Oxford shoes

Oxfords are known for their signature shoe-lace eyelets. They’re the perfect closed-toe shoes for formal yet cool gals of the corporate world. It’s the classic appeal for someone in the mood for a professional wardrobe change.

Statement Flats

Laces Ladies - Catalina (left) Sauvage Ladies - Bindi (right)

As a career woman, it’s sometimes hard to put effort into your outfit, so a pair of statement flats is a good alternative. Its intricate patterns suit any smart and basic workwear.

Walk in Comfort

Your feet deserve some loving after running between meetings, picking up papers, sending orders, and getting food outside the office. They deserve a pamper to ease pain and a pair of flats to provide easiness and readiness, because a good pair of flats will take you to the best places.