Aug 23, 2018

by Gretzel Lantican


Suede and velvet have been on the runways for years. Today, they deserve to be studied. Since both fabrics appear cozy and fury, these pieces of clothing may sometimes be mistaken or each other, but they aren’t interchangeable. They were created from distinct materials: suede with soft fabric and velvet with a napped finish.

They do have one thing in common. When lighted, both textures turn into glamorous beauties women see as their new go-to streetwear luxury.

The Difference

Fury and soft to the touch, suede is created on grainy leather. This texture is usually made for shoes and the so-called drapey or loose clothes.

Cara in maroon (right)


On the other hand, velvet is characterized by thick, short piles of hair handmade from linen, cotton, and silk. Back in the day, it was an expensive woven fabric that only royals and wealthy people could afford. Today, women all over the world can wear this stylish and classy texture.

Velvet comes in many forms but footwear and upholsteries are the most favored ones.

From left to right: Cha in black and Bethany in nude


Set your confusion aside. Without suede and velvet, there wouldn’t be stylish drama in fashion scene.These soft to the touch fabrics usually come in different designs, yet they’ve got shoes and apparels as some of the things in common.
For both textures, one thing’s for sure—they add glam to your wardrobe.