Fashion Mood: Let’s Talk About Gen Z Yellow

Fashion Mood: Let’s Talk About Gen Z Yellow

by Gretzel Lantican


Are you tired of seeing the same old Millenial pink on your Instagram feed? Well, same here! That shade is so last year. Fashion forward, it’s time to dethrone this color with the new Gen Z yellow.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Gen Z yellow is between the shade of marigold and mustard. This bright hue seems hard to pull off, but actually , it can easily be styled in various ways. As it stands for freshness and happiness, this new shade has a lot of stylishness to offer on swimwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories.

The New Rules of Style

It’s time for a new color on the block. The moment of Gen Z yellow is about to radiate, so consider yourself in luck, because you’re going to hear it from AVA’s sartorial guide.

Start with the basics.

(from left to right) Oh Linda - One Piece in Yellow, Oh Linda - Two Piece in Yellow

It’s never too late to start something new. Wear a bright shade before the summer’s over, because there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of sunshine to your wardrobe.

Match the shade with almost everything.

Rosenthal Tee X AVA - Gold Skirt

Aren’t sure if Gen Z yellow is for you? Just remember this joyous color suits any skin type, may it be in a porcelain, beige, or brown shade. This zesty tone complements any kind of yellow, so it’s possible to garb a monotone look without appearing funny.

Get yourself a yellow accessory.

Alchemista - Round Oval Separates

Personalize your cheerful look with a touch of jewelry, because a pair of gems effortlessly accentuates any ensemble.

For Fashion Lovers

Live up to the new rules of fashion. Learn from AVA’s sartorial guide to be on board with today’s fashion, because girl, go yellow or go home.

Keep up with the Gen Z yellow trend, because millennial pink is out.  As a style-savvy fashionista, the new, iconic color must now be your go-to style. This trend is so versatile, you’ll nail the gold-meets-mustard look in no time.