Fashion Rules that are Better Broken

Fashion Rules that are Better Broken

Fashion has so many “rules” for you to follow, but dressing up is really about having fun and doing your thing. Here’s the confidence boost you need to bend those rules a little!

People in fashion come up with a lot of rules. Wear this, wear that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that you end up with the simplest outfit so as to appease all the fashion gods who will surely be judging your outfit throughout the day. Be it in the workplace, at your next event, or at a social gathering, there always seems to be someone to impress.

But that’s not what fashion is. Fashion is all about wearing what you like, and what makes you look good. Fashion isn’t about playing it safe and feeling sad that you didn’t get to wear what you really wanted. Instead, it’s about taking a risk that eventually pays off.

Here are some fashion rules that, in our opinion, work best when they’re broken:

  • White is a hard color to wear. Dismiss this myth immediately. White is a great color to wear! It goes with everything, plus it looks clean, crisp and professional when worn the right way. The only risk with white clothes is keeping them looking that way all throughout the day, but if you’re careful about stains and creases, this shouldn’t be a problem at all!
  • Stripes make you look fat. Stripes lengthen shapes. Whether that shape is your stomach or your legs is up to you. While it’s true that stripes may sometimes give the impression of width, vertical-on-bottom and thinner stripes may actually give the illusion of length! So don’t be so quick to throw away that striped piece.
  • Print on print doesn’t work. Print on print is making a comeback and is doing it so, so well. If you’re not too fond of prints or just have too few in your closet to work with, you can start with a basic pairing of two different prints with the same color scheme. Black and white prints also generally match with almost any other color. If you’re new to the print on print game, remember that stripes, polka dots, and color blocks are always good places to start.
  • Dark tones are for evenings. Especially in the case of makeup, dark or heavy tones are said to be meant for evening looks only. But why should that stop you? If your favorite color happens to be black, why not wear it in the daytime? Unleash your inner dark beauty, and wow everyone who crosses your path!
  • Less is more when it comes to accessories. If you’re going for major prints, then yes, sometimes accessories can be a bit much. But other times, they’re exactly what you need to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. You’ve seen all those “who wore it better” posts where an accessory makes all the difference, so channel that accessory diva and work your trinkets!
  • Your shoes and bag have to match. This is an old, old rule that really … doesn’t make much sense anymore. Your shoes and bag can definitely match if you’re into that, and they can contrast with your outfit to make the entire ensemble pop, too. But this is not a hard rule to break, as we’re sure not every bag you own has a corresponding shoe to match it!
  • Play it safe with textures and shapes. The exact opposite of this rule brings out the most fun in an outfit, in our opinion. Play around with textures, and you’d be surprised at the depth and variety they add to your outfit. Take a risk with shapes, too, and you’d be surprised at how they’ll alter your shape to flattering degrees!
  • High-waisted bottoms make you look taller. This is another trend that’s rapidly making a comeback, but beware. High-waisted bottoms that start higher than your hips may actually make your torso look shorter, and in the process make you look wider than you want to. In times like these, it’s best to go with what nature gave you. Stick with bottoms that hug your natural waist and hips, and you’ll look just fine!
  • Short(er) people can’t wear long clothes. Another old myth to debunk! Lines and long cuts make anyone look taller, so the people who need them most (i.e. short people) can absolutely wear them. Rock that maxi dress, girl!

  • So when you’re planning your next outfit, take a good look at the rules you’ve set for dressing up that may be curbing your personal style. Whether you’re confident enough to break them completely is up to you, but every girl’s got the option to at least bend the rules a little. And once you’ve tried, you’ll find it’s so much fun that you just won’t want to stop.

    And really, that’s what fashion is, isn’t it?  It’s having fun, and having no rules to hold you back! Happy dressing, girls!