Fashion Styling Tips on Ultraviolet

Fashion Styling Tips on Ultraviolet
by Gretzel H. Lantican


Fashionistas are snappy dressers who are always on the look for new trends. As true devotees of fashion, they know by now that the rich and regal Ultraviolet is the Color of the Year.

However, Ultraviolet is not everyone’s cup of tea, for it’s only the risk takers and daring ones who can wear this shade. Truth be told, it’s a hard color to complement.


Trendsetters are lucky enough to easily get the stellar shade on fabric clothing nowadays, because in ancient times, purple ensembles could only be bought by the elite.

Ultraviolet’s a fun kind of color. It symbolizes prosperity, success, and bliss in a person’s life. Feng Shui also declares that Ultraviolet is a great representation of power, especially to the royalties of United Kingdom.

Purple lovers

Queen Elizabeth II is a true fan of electric violet. She’s fond of wearing it in a wool-blend swing coat or buttoned down dress partnered with her favored purple hat.

Queen Elizabeth in wool-blend coat (left) and buttoned-down dress (right)

Royalties like Princess Diana and Princess Kate also rock Ultraviolet in different ways. The late Princess Diana was seen in her Versace dress with matching purple hues in laced-up heels, a clutch and bracelet, while Princess Kate has different dresses in tones of dark and pastel purple.

Princess Kate in her stylish purple dresses.

Ultraviolet things

It seems like the regal shade runs in the royal family, and you may ask, “How are they pulling it off?” Well, there are ways for you to work Ultraviolet the right way, and here are some tips on doing just that:

For a fashion beginner, the regal tone of Ultraviolet may seem hard to wear on a daily basis. But you don’t need to be bothered by it. This festive combination of red and  blue is ideal to complement any basics and patterns.

Butter London's Lovely Jubbly 

For your “new year, new look” mantra, a glammed up ensemble is necessary. Try completing your style by carrying an Ultraviolet weaved bag to parties.

Paniya's Bailee in Lavender

You can also add accents to your look by wearing a pair of natural gemstone accessories by Alchemista. 

      Alchemista's Single Hook Drop Earrings in Amethyst

For a risk-taker of fashion, try experimenting with intricately designed heels in pastel purple. As Marilyn Monroe said, “The right pair of shoes can take you to good places”. So, be the girl to land beautiful cities in the perfect pair.

     Sala's Titana

But keep in mind that your favored shoes should be perfectly matched with your bag. Your flats should always complement with your arm candy.

Ultraviolet’s a celestial shade, and just adding the perfect hue with the right mix and match of your outfit creates a perfectly eccentric accent in your style.

Trendsetters look forward to more styles of Ultraviolet, since the royal shade is the embodiment of fashion this year. Various magazines and experts have different take on Ultraviolet, but the only thing that sticks most is on how to wear purple outfits the right way. Wearing the regal shade in monochromatic, deep, or pastel is your choice. Just know the dos and don’ts when sporting it this season.