On Business, Travels, and Womanhood: Get to Know Angely

On Business, Travels, and Womanhood: Get to Know Angely
If there is one thing that sets Angely Dub apart from other CEOs around the world is she is the founder and president of Access Travel & Tours Inc. at a young age of 26, an active world traveler and a self-admitted old soul.

So we asked for a few minutes of her time to get to know the woman behind the "world traveler" tag just to have at least a peek into her super busy life.

Angely wearing Patty Ang x AVA
What's your own definition of traveling?

I think it's a fad - everyone has to do it; everyone's doing it. But even though the fad disappears, I will still do it. I've always believed it's about the experience. The person I am today, it's all from traveling. I don't travel for the sake of social media.

Traveling is my teacher. Small things will make you happy. I have the money, I can do it. But not everyone gets the privilege to make other people happy. Traveling for me is to make people happy through sending postcards na parang nakarating na rin sila (as if they've been there).

My friend told me this: "Maybe that's why you don't have a love life as of the moment because your purpose is to inspire other people. You're not the business person na nakikita ko na 'Magpayaman!' (who only wants to get rich)." (laughs)

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What keeps you inspired?

How powerful I have become. Now, I don't even need to do anything. I can feel my power in my veins. I feel so powerful and inspired whenever I receive messages from people that they find me inspiring. My difference as a CEO is I am a 26-year-old girl, I'm a business woman, I'm a traveler, I'm a real person.

My life is balanced. When it's time to stop, I stop. My CEO title, it's just formality. I don't have a secretary, I don't have a driver, I don't have a yaya (maid).

I dreamed of this life and now it's happening. If I'm going to live like a CEO, (you won't see me here). I just want to enjoy every moment even though I'm very successful already. I enjoy these things.

Angely wearing Patty Ang x AVA
Nugget of inspiration to entrepreneurs or to people who wanted to start a business?
1. Follow your dreams. You become unstoppable when you realize five things in life:
Life is simple. It's right now or never. It's the people who make it complicated. If you have a problem, it's how you solve it; it's how you handle it. 

Hindi yung resulta dapat yung iniisip mo 
(you shouldn't be thinking about the end result). The problem with entrepreneurs nowadays, they're not even doing anything, but they're already focused on, "I hope I'll get a lot of money from this." It's all about the money which is wrong. 

2. Sacrifice is always a pay-off. I've sacrificed my whole life to be the person I am today. If you love what you're doing, money will follow. It will take time. I sacrificed everything. My family, my social life, my youth. 

3. You can't fake passion. As a normal person, you can be someone. It just takes time. I was no one. I still consider myself no one. Everyone can be someone. You just need to find the right timing, use your strengths. Practice makes everything perfect.

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