Jun 27, 2018

by Gretzel Lantican


Feminine style is seen as sophistication, beauty, and grace. It’s a kind of trend that adds sweet flair and stunning allure to a woman’s look. This romantic and trendsetting style can be found in AVA’s latest collection, Chelsea.

Made in the Philippines, the new brand promotes the modern art of ladylike clothing. Dreamy florals, retro patterns, and enticing frills are found in the collection to showcase every woman’s feminine side. These styles, in the form of shoulder tops, ruffled skirts, and halter dresses, are put to cater every Filipina’s fashion needs.

The brand’s graceful pieces also support practicality and comfort; not to mention they can be bought at very practical prices. Since most of these clothes are made of stretchable, cotton fabric, women wearing Chelsea would don a dress with charm and poise.

The feminine aesthetic of the collection also makes these pieces look good for work, play, and gatherings. This is without a doubt the brand for women of all ages.


It’s not everyday that a woman gets to dress in a unique and fitting feminine style, but when she does, it’s always with modest elegance. Only clothes with effortless sophistication can be bought at AVA, so shop now to display that dainty side of yours.