Halloween in 4 Characters of American Horror Story: Coven

Halloween in 4 Characters of American Horror Story: Coven

by Gretzel Lantican

It's Halloween once again. Dress up fancy for the occasion and even for the rest of October. Find some inspiration in the characters of American Horror Story Season 3: Coven. From Zoe’s outfits to Madison’s, channel a mysterious yet charming wardrobe that even witches will envy.

Ladies, they’re our ultimate style inspo, at least for the upcoming Halloween.

At Miss Robichaux’s Academy, residents wear black all the time because it’s a classic. Besides, it symbolizes power and mystique on their so-called statuswitches.

Zoe Benson has a vintage style. She usually walks around the academy in dark lace dresses, accessorized with lore hats and laced up boots.

Dress: Daria - Renee Black or Dress: Undo - Ariana Dress 


Madison Montgomery oozes glamour and allure with the clothes she wears. Her usual flair includes bandage dresses with fur scarves or a cape complemented with bold high heels.

Dress: Daria - Sasha Cape Gown or Dress: Daria - Margaret Cape Dress


Misty Day’s style was based on that of Stevie Nicks, an American singer recognized as a hippie in boho dress. Misty’s laid-back getup is anything flowy with a touch of lacy prints.

Top: Miss J Clothing - Katerina Blouse Bottom: Miss J Clothing - Lizzie Skirt or Bottom: Style Ana - Vera Skirt 


Fiona Goode, the former Supreme Witch of the Coven, always shows ultimate superiority. She puts on her blackest sunglasses and wears something dark, structured, and classy that’s usually in the form of bell sleeves and pencil skirts.

 Top: Tricia Gosingtian x AVA - Momo Top Bottom: Bengt Enriquez - Uppsala Crepe Skirt or Dress: Bengt Enriquez - Lulea Crepe


If you can’t relate to these characters, it’s never too late to binge-watch American Horror Story Season 3, especially now that you’ve got 14 days to prepare your Halloween look.

With AVA’s wardrobe, you’re going to match even the darkest outfit with sophistication and grace, while keeping the touch of wickedness inspired by our favorite coven witches.


Photo sources: Google and Pinterest