HeARTS Month: What to Wear When Museum-Hopping

HeARTS Month: What to Wear When Museum-Hopping

February is the HeARTS month and the best way to celebrate it is by revisiting museums and appreciating the works of emerging local and international artists!

However, it’ll be hard to roam around museums if you know that what you’re wearing is not comfortable enough to do a lot of walking.

Here are some OOTD tips to remember before you go museum-hopping:

Wear your trusted pants

Did you know that 2017 is not the year of skinny jeans? 2017 is all about comfort and fashionistas around the world have been exploring the possible alternatives of denim which led to the high-waisted jeans, bootcut and wide stride pants’ big comeback.

Wear the jeans that are suitable enough for walking (and sitting!). You don’t want to restrain yourself from walking around the city just because you “don’t feel like walking”. Also, most of the museums don't allow people wearing shorts, so jeans or wide stride pants are the safest options.

Wear a loose cotton top

Museum-hopping is spelled “a lot of walking” and you wanted to avoid sweating while doing so (especially if you’re on a date).

The best way to keep your body cool and comfortable is by wearing a loose cotton top, preferably made from combed cotton or Pima (the highest quality cotton) which are both soft and breathable to the skin. 

Wear flats or sneakers

This is an order from the management because, seriously, who wears high-heels in a museum? Unless you are attending a gala event located there, walking on the marbled floor of the National Museum or the sometimes-muddy area of Pinto Art Museum in high-heels is not just uncomfortable - it could be dangerous. 

Carry a small bag

You’re not going on a holiday so carrying a backpack while museum-hopping is not ideal. Why not opt for a stylish clutch bag instead without compromising your entire OOTD? You may be forced to only bring what’s necessary (cash, ATM cards, mobile phone, Beep card), but you’ll thank us for it!

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