Holiday Gift Ideas under ₱1,000 for Your Amigas this Season

Holiday Gift Ideas under ₱1,000 for Your Amigas this Season
by Gretzel H. Lantican


You’ve got 24 days left to get presents for your amigas this holiday. At the occasion, it’s commonly the unwrapping of Christmas gifts that we look forward to. It's usually the event’s hype, because it’s just exhilarating to know what gift you’ll be receiving this season.  

In this time of giving, be that friend whom everyone loves for being thoughtful. But, you should also be that friend who's practical when shopping for holiday gifts. Presents don’t need to be expensive, because it’s the thought that counts.

Holiday gifts

We’ve listed few gift ideas that won’t hurt your budget this season, so you could be the ultimate friend of the year (as for being thrifty and thoughtful). Prices of our holiday gifts start at 200.

Gadget accessories (₱200 - ₱400)

Since almost everyone has gadgets on their hands, a staple gift would be a gadget accessory. I’m sure your amiga would like to try Sustainably Made’s mobile stand, gadget stand, and tablet stand. These items promote eco-friendly products, which gives a generous significance to your dearly amiga and creates a positive impact to our Mother Earth.

Sustainably Made - Mobile Phone Stand (₱180.00)


Sustainably Made - Gadget Stand (₱250.00)

Sustainably Made -Tablet Stand (₱400.00)

Kitchenware (₱400-₱600)

For your amigas who want it practical like something useful around the house, the ideal present would be a kitchenware from Bobble Jug or Sustainably Made Coaster. Bobble jug is not just ideal for a dinner set-up, but also for picnics and family outings too.

Bobble Jug 2L - (₱399.60)

Sustainably Made’s Coaster (set of 4) is made from premium Honduras Mahogany material that will absolutely give a bold accent to your amiga’s dining set.

Giving a candle holder this holiday is something unusual yet practical for your amiga. Its rustic charm holds up to three candles, giving a good lit around your amiga’s living room.

Sustainably Made - Rustic Branch Candle Holder (₱600.00) 

Flip-flops (₱600 - ₱900)

For your amiga’s daily casual wear, a pair of flip flops would be a nice touch to give as a holiday present. AVA is currently offering a wide selection of Havainas ranging from ₱600 - ₱900. You can choose among its Slim Prints, Top Mix, Top Metallic, Spring, and Slim pairs.

Slim - Shocking Pink Slippers (₱537.00)

Slim Animals - Sandgrey and Pink Slippers (₱657.00)

Top Metallic - Beige (₱895.00)

From gadget accessories to kitchenware to flip flops, AVA has got everything for your amiga’s daily use, so there’s no need to look somewhere else. Shop these holiday gifts at now!