How to Dress like Anne Curtis on Valentine’s Day

How to Dress like Anne Curtis on Valentine’s Day
by Gretzel H. Lantican


The day of romance has come, and you still haven’t found the perfect outfit for the date yet. Fret no more as AVA introduces its Valentine’s Day Lookbook. It’s the curated style to complete you, because you don’t need someone else to make you feel special.

AVA’s inspiration for Valentine’s Day is IT girl and ultimate fashionista Anne Curtis. Anne is the perfect embodiment of style and beauty. She has the right personality to match every occasion. Her outfit depends on how she feels for the day—sweet, cheeky, funky, casual, or sporty.

Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Sophisticated Lady

Dress:  Kiara Dress ₱2,345 Shoes: Atlanta ₱1,950

Anne is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn’s finesse look. She always looks up to her fashion icon’s classic style.  But Anne’s version is the perfect combination of sophistication and (a bit of) provocation. She commonly wears her best-loved style that is a V-neck wardrobe dress.

Feel confident as you peg for her style, whether or not you have a Valentine’s date to show it with.

Something Girly

Top: Ruffle Tube 999 Bottom: Box Pleated Skirt ₱1,099

Laced-up tops, ruffled clothes, and flowy dresses are Anne’s signature looks. She loves to match a monochromatic style with her makeup and favored heels.

Anne’s girly side is the essential date night look for every woman meeting the love of her life, may it be in casual or fine dining. If you’re one of these women, then trying Anne’s style will surely make your lover go crazy over you.


Dress: Floral Overlap Midi Dress ₱880 Shoes: Celin ₱650

IT girl Anne knows how to be chic, and there’s no doubt she’s the ultimate trendsetter of the generation. She knows very well that floral and laid-back ensembles are today’s trends.

Dressing in floral prints will make you feel chic, and a laid-back ensemble will make you feel versatile on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to add jewelry or signature heels to accentuate either outfit, making it even more glam.

Slay Bae

Bottom: Drape Maxi Skirt ₱4,759

The ultimate fashionista is not afraid to take a risk especially when it’s all about dressing-up. When Anne goes beyond the norm, she usually slays it from head to toe. Sometimes she wears funky clothes, intricate shoes, or geometric styled clothes on certain occasion.

Steal her style if you opt to try something extraordinary this Valentine’s Day, so your special someone can’t take his eyes off you.

Everyone can be like Anne on Valentine’s Day, because you don’t need to be an IT girl to steal her style. Just a simple and sophisticated you is enough to steal the hearts of many on Valentine’s.