How to Pack Light and Still Get That #OOTD

How to Pack Light and Still Get That #OOTD

Photo from The Travefy Blog

By: Bea Osmeña

We’ve got a long weekend coming up, which means opportunities to eat new food, try new experiences, and wear clothes you don’t normally wear! But there lies ahead the challenge of hitting those #OOTDgoals while still packing light. While it may be tempting to bring your whole closet, packing light is a useful skill to have when you need to keep to a weight limit (AND if you want to have extra space for shopping!).

Pack light by planning your outfits ahead. Even if some of your itinerary will be on the fly, make sure that you plan for reasonably possible activities, and maybe for outfits that can be worn on more than one occasion.

Here are some planned outfit ideas for your upcoming trip:

On a Flight

Gone are the days where people used to dress up for airplane flights. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable and cute too! Tony Evan’s Marceline Dress is one of those dresses you’ll want to wear every single day – it’s got a collar to keep your look professional, but drapes out to a comfortable skirt that feels like a cozy blanket when in an airplane seat.39

To the Museum

Raise your hand if you’re one of those girls who is always cold! This is probably especially true for you in museums, where they have to keep the temperatures down in order to preserve the works of art. At museums, we like to keep it simple with something understated (not trying to compete with the art, after all), and long sleeves are a must. The Jessica top by Patty Ang keeps it simple and elegant for a day of art appreciation.80


While sightseeing, you want to be in clothes that can handle a lot of motion – which means something that you can feel unrestricted in, as well as something that won’t wrinkle with all that movement. Throw on a pair of flowy bottoms like the Verona Pants and you’re ready for anything you come across!119

At a Fancy Dinner

There is never truly a new black, because black works for everything. Pack a top formal enough for a night to a fancy restaurant but sexy enough for cocktails afterwards. Something like Patty Ang’s Andi Top achieves this balance with its refined tailoring and halter straps.13

At the Beach

A swimsuit should be paired with a comfortable beach cover-up when you find yourself hitting town immediately afterwards. We like to keep the sun kissing our shoulders all weekend long for beach trips (and it helps too when you’ve got a touch of sunburn, but hopefully you don’t). Tony Evan’s Olivia Top in white will have you looking and feeling fresh.45