In Our Closet: UNDO

In Our Closet: UNDO

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Looking good doesn’t have to be hard – sometimes, all it takes are a few simple, classy pieces that never go out of style.  This is the philosophy of UNDO founder and designer Kyla Zuñiga.  Simultaneously returning to the classics and embracing the modern, she describes UNDO’s shoes and apparel as timeless, allowing the modern Filipina to look good “in the most effortless way.”

Like many who enter the fashion industry, Kyla was interested in clothes from a young age.  She took this a step further, though, by not just imagining how her creations would come to life, but by actually attempting to make them.  She shares, “I made my own Barbie clothes out of handkerchiefs, DIY my jewelry.  I loved dressing up my friends as well.”

1With that much creativity and resourcefulness, it’s no surprise that she chose to pursue her dreams early on as well by starting her clothing business in her first year of college.  She began with It’s All About Hue, which she describes as having been, “more on the colorful palette [than UNDO] .”

She went on hiatus after college, however, and regarding that Kyla admits, “I had no idea what my next collection would be about; then soon I realized it was no longer my style.  That I no longer had this colorful, fun taste I used to have.”

It was a turning point – her style had matured.  This realization was pivotal to the creation of UNDO, because as Kyla herself says, “ [For me, the word] ‘undo’ basically means going back to the classics.  It’s a completely different take on the brand.”

4However, that wasn’t the only challenge born out of starting a line in college.  She admits, “It was hard to manage time, especially when I had to juggle it with academics, my styling internship, my fitness journey, being an officer and doing my OJT all at the same time.”

When asked how she managed it all through the years, she resolutely says, “I just never gave up.”

And what a victory for Kyla.  She describes most of UNDO’s pieces as having, “clean lines and structured bodies, given a modern twist” – a clever, sophisticated merging of the past and present.  UNDO brings back the minimalist trend from the 90s and gives it a different take, offering artisan pieces limitedly produced and made for #girlboss Filipinas who want to stand out from the crowd.

18When asked how she came up with UNDO’s style, she admits it’s very much based on her own.  Despite her busy schedule, Kyla prides herself on always looking fashionable and is a big fan of classic pieces she can use everyday.  Nowadays, she wants to help fellow busy ladies stay effortlessly stylish.  She wants her designs to empower the Filipina by portraying the hardworking #girlboss as someone who stays graceful despite a demanding life.

Having started the brand at a young age, she especially wants to be an inspiration to millennials and ladies in their early twenties to pursue their dreams as early as possible.  Her message to ladies is that anything is possible with the right amount of heart and effort, and UNDO aids Filipinas everywhere to do just that.

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