Introducing Tricia Gosingtian x AVA: Summer in Bloom

Introducing Tricia Gosingtian x AVA: Summer in Bloom

by Gretzel H. Lantican

Charming, prim, and effortless. These are the words we would use to describe one of the Philippines’ first iconic fashion bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian.

We at AVA think that her style is a wonderful blend of Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Jung but still so uniquely Tricia. Her style is so refined and elegant that we just couldn't let the opportunity of collaborating with her pass.

Tricia owns a style very similar to our design philosophy here at AVA, so it really was a match made in fashion heaven. Which is why when we approached her and asked if she would want to design a capsule collection for us she instantly agreed! 

She even added, “I can’t think of any local e-commerce site that’s more perfect than AVA.”

The Collection

Featuring the Nana dress (left)  and Tori top (right)
Wearing the Haru dress (left) the Momo top (right), and the Hanami skirt (right)
In a pair of Ume trousers partnered with Sakura top (left) and Tori top (right)


Tricia’s capsule collection is inspired by Hanami season in Japan. Once you see the full line you'll find that it's very romantic, sweet and very effortless. 

You can look forward to seeing color palettes that features soft pastels, basic blacks & whites and even floral prints. Combine these with billowing and flowing cuts, you can definitely expect a collection that is perfect for managing the warmth of summer!

Every piece can be mixed and matched within the collection and is even versatile enough for other pieces in your own closet.

Tricia even made it a point to ensure that every article of clothing would go well with your favorite pair of sneakers!


Fashion Inspiration

The collection is the culmination of Tricia's admiration for Japan and Japanese fashion mixed with her own personal style that's evolved over the years.

We personally think it's totally kawaii.

Okay, so you've probably read her blog and like us, you've probably also obsessed over her entries that feature Japanese fashion (this is our favorite one). You can just see how passionate she is about her fashion inspirations.

We definitely think that Tricia was able to combine her love for Japanese fashion and her own unique style in her capsule collection with us.

We just know that you'll fall in love with every piece in the collection. View Tricia's collection by visiting this link and see for yourself how beautiful summer can be!

Happy shopping!