Invest in Workwear Flats that are as Comfy as Sneakers

Invest in Workwear Flats that are as Comfy as Sneakers

by Gretzel Lantican

Buying the right shoes is an investment. The right pair will not just take you to good places, but will give you convenience and comfort as well.

If you are someone who wears high heels everyday, study says, you can get flexed feet and shrunken calf muscles. Believe me, you don’t want to be known for being susceptible to injury. The best remedy for that is a comfortable yet stylish pair of flats.

Footwear by AVA


A pair of London’s finest ballet flats adds elegant, retro charm to any outfit. If you want something that’s light on the feet and adjustable for your lifestyle, then choose the Clapham or the Brixton. They’re beautifully designed with soft, hand-woven leathers with double cushioned insoles and padded heels to give you that luxury comfort.

Shop now: The Clapham (Available in Aquamarine & Orange, Beige & Fluoro, Coral, Grey, and Navy)


Shop now: The Brixton ( Available in Black, Nude, Red, Turquoise, and Yellow)


Mika + Moko

Whoever gave you the idea that mules are not for travel but rather for workwear is not wrong. Mules in loafer style are office-appropriate but not commute-friendly. You can opt for a casual business outfit but never a run in the city with mules, because it’s as easy to wear as it’s easy to remove.

Suede Asymmetrical (Available in Blush and Plum)


Patent Asymmetrical (Available in Nude and Black)

By wearing flats from AVA, you’re always at ease, in style, and elegantly poised. With Cocorose, you never miss a good morning stroll in the city, while with Mika + Moko, you never fail to walk around so cozily.

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