Jan 05, 2017

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2016 has come to an end, which means your closet is probably overflowing with things you bought over its course and that of previous years. When it comes to cleaning out your wardrobe, it's always a battle of wills ― between wanting more closet space and wanting to keep those stylish pieces around for just a bit longer. Let us help you decide what to give away, so you have room for more in 2017!

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If you still have the following items in your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to let them go.

  • Pieces that no longer fit. Is that tiny sweater you used to wear in college still in your closet? If you feel you can alter, upcycle or resize it somehow to still wear it comfortably, then it deserves the spot in your wardrobe. But if not, why keep it?
  • Pieces that are damaged beyond repair. In the same way that you can repair a crack on a vase but can’t put it back together once it’s been smashed, some clothes are fixable and some just aren’t. Be critical in your closet clean-up, and learn to say goodbye.
  • Pieces that are out of style. We all know trends come and go, and most make comebacks every generation or two. But the risk of buying something too trendy means that once it’s out of style, it’s gone forever ― which is why it, too, should be gone from your wardrobe.
  • Pieces you haven’t worn for at least five years previously.  When you’re doing a closet purge, sentimentality is your worst enemy. That old skirt may have been with you through good times and bad, and it may have served you well, but if you haven’t worn it in five years you probably won’t be wearing it again anytime soon.

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    Of course, purging your closet doesn’t mean throwing everything away. Let’s all work together to minimize waste by giving used clothes new life.  You can do this by donating them to charity, selling them online, or handing them down to someone you know will love them ― and in the process, you’ll be saving the world in your own little way as well.