Meet Tricia Gosingtian, One of the Philippines' First Iconic Fashion Bloggers

Meet Tricia Gosingtian, One of the Philippines' First Iconic Fashion Bloggers

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Metro Manila’s professional photographer, social media superstar, style icon,and jetsetter Tricia Gosingtian is undoubtedly a woman who embodies true beauty, style, and talent.

Since we know her social media feeds too well, it leaves us thinking, “Who is Tricia really, behind the lens?”

Introducing Tricia

Tricia’s a multifaceted woman. She’s a professional photographer doing editorials and features on Inquirer, Star, and Summit Media while blogging and discovering the world in between.

When she worked with several campaigns requiring a sartorial list of street style fashion, she discovered her path through blogging. She immediately acquired a sudden interest in the trend, so she uploaded the catalogue to her Lookbook account in 2008 and on Tricia Will Go Places in 2009.

Fashion Blog

Tricia Will Go Places is Tricia’s personal space, which she takes care of like a baby. It’s her safe haven among all her other social media accounts, because it’s where she puts all her random thoughts and interests. These include countless takes of her and her series of Asian adventures, where she mostly developed her style.

Other than fashion and travel, her blog also has sections on beauty and lifestyle. She advises women on self- and beauty care and she gives readers a taste of lifestyle and cuisine in her voyages.

Award-Winning Blogger

The multifaceted belle is also a so-called “OG lifestyle blogger” in the Philippines because she was part of the first generation of blogosphere in the country. Her blog, Tricia Will Go Places was the only one in Asia chosen to cover 2011’s New York Fashion Week, the biggest spring event in the history of fashion.

With the influence of her style inspirations Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, and former Girl’s Generation band member Jessica Jung, Tricia truly became a fashion icon. She's the country’s first fashion blogger to be included in’s Top 10 Fashion Inspiration. Lookbook is every fashionista’s main source of style inspiration around the world.

Living in Transparency

On Instagram, everyone sees Tricia posing in crisp and sophisticated Asian aesthetics and Western high street fashion. Followers know her trips to Japan and Korea. They’re also the readers of her opinions on recurring matters in the country.  

Clearly, Tricia lives a transparent life, may it be in front of the camera or behind the lens. However, she’s still careful when posting on social media. The fashion blogger knows her boundaries in the ever changing social media scene. Her social media feeds are only filtered with images that start meaningful conversations and benefit people who see them.

Lesson of a Lifetime

From her long-running fields of career, Tricia learned to trust the process of her professions. People only see final outputs and never take into account the concept and the process behind ideas in today’s society. Committing to the process may not come as easy as expected, but Tricia surely learned from it, and so can you.

Tricia is one of the Metro’s ultimate fashion bloggers, and she worked hard for it. As she puts it, things don’t come easily so you have to strive for it, may your career be in any field.