Melissa Gatchalian Launches a ‘Clueless’-Inspired Wardrobe with AVA

Melissa Gatchalian Launches a ‘Clueless’-Inspired Wardrobe with AVA

by Gretzel Lantican

Let’s go back to 1999 where Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) taught us a lot about life and love, but most importantly, fashion. I mean, who could forget Cher’s influential style during that era? Those preppy gears and sexy looks are so iconic!

Adapting the ‘90s trend found in the movie, Melissa Gatchalian of Sartorial Panda brings back the retro vibe with her latest clothing line. The it girl on the web is excited for her latest collaboration with AVA. She reveals, “I’ve always wanted to design clothes and it’s been my interest.”

Melissa Gatchalian x AVA

Melissa admits that she opts for soft hues and basic silhouettes with nostalgic flair. Her style is more like Cher’s, but with a hint of casual elegance.

Regarding her pieces, she explains, “My sheer blazer can easily be combined with my ruched slip dress, my A-line mini skirt, or [most other pieces] of clothing. Wear them all and you'll create an easy, monochrome look.”

For Melissa, the collection is complemented best by her favorite accessorybags. In fact, her adoration for purses led to the creation of the brand, From Blank. Together with Nicole Santos, they produced a homegrown label of bags crafted carefully with glistening beads.

A combination of Put Something Over It (Powder Blue) and A Dress? Says Who? (Powder Blue)


Going Somewhere (Powder Blue)


Going Somewhere (Pink)


A Dress? Says Who? (Cream)


Put Something Over It (Cream)


Melissa’s ‘90s-inspired pieces are something the millennial blogger would really wear and want in real life. As the line represents her style, she only hopes for one thing: to elevate and turn women’s style into uncomplicated fashion.